365 Days on Twitter

GoldenTwine completed 365 days on Twitter.

GoldenTwine on Twitter

GoldenTwine Blog News — 365 Days on Twitter

I joined Twitter rather late on September 26, 2009. Today, I have completed 365 days on Twitter.

As of today, I have 20,921 followers and 20,910 following. I feel humbled that I am being listed by my followers in 2,080 lists. Lastly, but not the least, I have tweeted 20,414 times in the last 365 days.

To be honest, the main reason for joining Twitter and other social networking sites is to make my website and official blog more popular, and to reach out to more people my products and services.
Past 365 days, I have actively engaged with my followers, provided them with news, information, and interesting facts, links to interesting websites and blogs, discussed trending and important topics, kept my followers’ requests, besides promoting my website and blog. I have expressed my gratitude every day without fail to my followers for their mentions, RTs, favs, listing, blog comments and engagement in discussions. Every Friday, I have recommended friends who stayed in touch the past week.
My balanced approach, humble gestures, acknowledging and reciprocating others, follow Friday mentions, have earned me many friends, brought me some recognition in the form of grades and ranks, and benefited me professionally to some extent if not immensely.

When Did You Join Twitter?

If you don’t remember when you joined Twitter then there are many sites which provide you simple ways to find out. I shall mention two of them.

When Did You Join Twitter?

Enter your twitter username and the site will tell you when you created your account. You can use it to find out when other people’s accounts were created too!

When Did You Join Twitter?

How Often Do You Tweet?

Enter your twitter username and the site will tell you your average number of tweets per day. Is someone else worth following or do they tweet too much? You can use it to find how often other people tweet!
The site tells me that my tweet style is rather Intense, I tweet on average 55.9 times per day, or on average once every 26 minutes.

How Often Do You Tweet?

How Long Have You Been Tweeting?

This site tells me that I have been tweeting 11 months, 4 weeks, 1 day, 6 hours, 33 minutes, 49 seconds since I joined on September 26, 2009.

How Long Have You Been Tweeting?


Twittercounter tracks statistics of more than 10 million Twitter users. TweeterCounter is tracking @goldenTwine since October 8, 2009. According to this site my Twitter rank today is 14,867 and overall score is 79%

Twitter Stats for goldenTwine

Twitter Grader

According to this site my stats today are:
Twitter Rank
Overall: 3,481 out of 7,811,012
Kolkata: 2 (till recently I was at number 1)
India: 32
Grade: 100/100

Twitter Grader


I am grateful to all those followers who have listed me, and feel humbled to be amongst the most listed people on Twitter.

Listorious 140 Twitterers – Most Listed People on Twitter
Subrato Paul (@goldenTwine), ranked 110, is on 782 lists on Listorious on 26/9/2010.

You may follow Subrato Paul (@goldentwine) on Twitter:

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Admin/Author Admin/Author: Subrato Paul, owner of GoldenTwine Informatics founded in April 2003, lives in Kolkata, India. He is a freelance website designer, Internet marketer, social media enthusiast, and blogger. He writes in his blogs and as a guest writer about marketing and social media, eCommerce, website design and development, and his website.
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  1. Melody Lea Lamb
    | Permalink

    Big congratulations buddy!

  2. Fahassani
    | Permalink


    & that's social networking for you!

    You did a big efforts to get this far, it pays off, after all you start right and went with the wave.

    365 days, time to go to the next level, don't you think?

    Hey, Encouragement by us twittersphere!

    • Thanks for your encouragement. I couldn't have covered even this modest distance without any help from friends and supporters.

  3. Tom Cloverfield
    | Permalink

    Congrats, my friend! I appreciate U very much!
    Love from

  4. Great , Congrats on complete of one year on twitter , i like ur response on my mentions , i have problem of relax procrastination lol i want to be succesful like you , , there is no limit on the succes on twitter best of luck RahulThube .About ,Rahul Thube is the future Animated Film Director , under the Banner of CGmagi's studios :]

    • I wish you all success in life, and would like to see you as an Animation Film Director! That career is very challenging and creative. All the best!

    • Thanks! I am far from mastering anything. Its very time consuming to manage on all fronts – website, blog, social media. But Twitter has given me friends like you who appreciate and get appreciated.

  5. Hari B Nair
    | Permalink

    Congrats for the 365 days on twitter and sharing you experience in twitter with cool twitter api …. looking forward for your tweet.

    • Thanks! One year is gone, it's time to introspect and improve my presence on Twitter. Any suggestion is welcome.

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