Acid Reflux Remedy Report

A slice of apple can bring you the relief you need.

Acid Reflux Remedy Report

Remedy Report — Acid Reflux

First let me just get this out of the way…

Heartburn…acid reflux — whatever…it’s painful and it’s something you can do without. YES — I understand that.

So you take drugs every day to get some relief don’t you?

Acid Reflux Remedy Report

Come on…admit it — whether it’s Tums…or Zantec…or Prevacid — or any of those other acid reducers you need them to get through a meal — or to get back to sleep after waking with the burn right?

Of course.

But if you click here now,
you can discover how a slice of apple can bring you the relief you need without being a drug addict.

When you are in pain life just ain’t no fun. You can’t smile with your friends and family…you may swear at your stomach under your breath and if you don’t have access to your meds well, you know you are in for a real nightmare of a time.

And when you finally do take a pill…or chew on that chalky goodness…you almost instantly feel better just knowing it’s going to put out the fire and neutralize all that evil stomach acid, right?

Well I have a news flash for you my pill poppin’ chalk chewin’ buddy – that acid you are reducing? YOU NEED IT TO DIGEST YOUR FOOD!

So here’s what that heartburn medication is doing to you right now…

Killing your ability to digest a meal… not only are you missing all the nutrients you need to live, the food is sitting in your gut and rotting…exposing you to a host of sickening bacteria and parasites that grow in it.

Slashing your delicate biochemical balance… your random and un-measured use of these drugs deplete your body of vitamin B and strip your stomach of its natural protectors against disease.

Sucking you in… like it or not — you are an addict. If you stop taking street drugs your body goes into withdrawal…if you stop taking antacids, your body will do the same. The acid flare-ups will increase in both frequency and intensity — might even suffer mind-blowing headaches.

Even the FDA says they suck!

In February of this year the FDA issued a warning against using this crap. So they admitted they were wrong!

Come on – wake up and smell the bile…you are killing yourself.

Pointless — especially when you can just click here and find out how to treat this condition naturally – without the drugs that are sucking the life out of you every day.

I have said my peace…now it’s up to you.

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