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The key to the success of your blog is traffic, which is simply the sheer number of visitors who arrive at your blog. There are many ways to get more and more traffic to your blog. You should also keep them engaged with your blog, and increase pageviews.

I often showcase below each post (see the screengrab below) related stories as previous and next articles of a particular series. It motivates the reader to explore more on my blog and read related past stories thereby increasing pageviews. Visitors may not always dig into your blog archives or click on a category or keyword to do the same.

Article Series Showcase

You may do something similar by adding a simple but effective and easy to install widget from LinkWithin.

LinkWithin widget automatically links to 3-5 related stories with thumbnails retrieving and indexing all stories from your blog archive. It increases pageviews, and keeps your readers engaged with past stories. It is minimally styled and blends in with your site design. It works on various blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress (self-hosted), TypePad, and others. It is not only free and easy to install but also ad-free, and no signup required.

For more information, and to get the widget, visit their website:

LinkWithin Widget
LinkWithin is a blog widget that appears under each blog post, linking to related stories with thumbnails from your blog archive.
Learn More and Get Widget

An Illustration of How LinkWihin Widget Increases Pageviews

There is no need to say that you will gain more visitors to your archived blog posts once you install LinkWihin widget. I do visitor analysis of my website and blog traffic on day to day basis via my Bravenet traffic counter. Yesterday, I found the following referrer:

Referring URL:… May 11, 2011 05:24:53 PM

The hit shows that the referring URL originated from the LinkWihin widget that I have installed on my blog. I analysed the redirecting and redirected links in that hit.

The hit shows that a blog reader visited the following article on my blog:

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Introduction
A video introduction to logo, mascot, teams and groups, match venues, and match schedules

Then he clicked on a LinkWithin widget related post link at the end of this blog post to visit another related article (see the widget picture below, the redirected link is enircled):

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Mascot
Stumpy, the official mascot for the 2011 Cricket World Cup in South Asia

LinkWithin Widget

After I installed the widget, the links were not so related in the beginning as my blog was also fresh with fewer articles. But as I published more and more articles under various categories the widget started giving excellent result as you could see in the above pic that all the widget links are related to the parent article. And my daily visitor analysis have often shown that many traffic hits originate from LinkWithin widget as illustrated above. If a visitor likes your article, the widget creates an interest in the visitor to read more past articles. And as a blogger you are a big winner when readers visit your archived posts.

I give a Thumbs Up to LinkWithin Widget!

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  1. Hi Subrato,
    Have you tried Dhiti ? Dhiti is a startup that builds content discovery product for online publishers. We give between 10 and 15 % increase in page views, higher engagement and better brand recall. Try us here :


    • Thanks Aditya!
      I would review it, and if I like it I may adopt it for my blog. I may also review it on my blog so that other readers may check it.

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