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Text Bubble

Twavatar (Twitter Avatar)

An avatar is a computer user’s representation of himself or herself in the form of an icon (picture). An avatar that you use on twitter is popularly called a twavatar.

The original term is derived from the Sanskrit word avatar, which means ‘incarnation’ and usually refers to the deliberate descent of an immortal or divine being into the mortal realm for a special purpose. The term is used primarily in Hindu texts.

When goodness grows weak,
When evil increases,
I make myself a body.

In every age I come back
To deliver the holy,
To destroy the sin of the sinner
To establish righteousness.

(Bhagavad Gita)

However in the modern times this word is used in computing and the original meaning is not deviated here, it is an electronic form or an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user (as in a computer game) and messengers too.

Twavatars is a simple but popular twitter tool that allows you to add a text bubble to your twavatar (twitter avatar). It allows you to write up to 10 characters on your twitter avatar. You can also change your twavatar via tweet from the web or mobile phone. You need not worry, as you could revert to your original at any time.

Twavatar Edit Page

Twavataring is very simple.

You could have the bubble on Top or Bottom of your avatar.
Choose your bubble colour from the colour picker provided. You may colourize your bubble or leave it transparent.
Then you change the colour of your text.
As text in coloured bubble masks your original avatar, you may shift the original avatar up or down a little to adjust along with the text.

Once you have added the text bubble, your twavatar is uploaded to your twitter account. Its your new profile image.

But don’t worry, if you don’t like the way it came out, you can just revert to the original and try again. It’s easy.

Your avatars are stored as your history gallery. Next time, click the image you want to work on, it will become your original. Or, just return to edit page to work on current original.

I have illustrated below three twavatars that I have used. The first one is the original. The second one I used to herald the New Year. The third one I used to celebrate 60th Anniversary of Indian Republic on January 26, 2010.

My Twavatars

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