Amazing Colored Pencil Sculptures

Creative and impressive pencil sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

Pencil Sculptures

Weekend Image Post – Pencil Sculptures

Jennifer Maestre creates beautiful, creative, inspiring sculptures with colored pencils. She was originally inspired by the form and function of sea urchins. I visited her website, and I was so amazed with her art that I took her written permission to publish in our weekend image blog post some of her amazing pencil sculptures.

Jennifer Maestre

Jennifer Maestre at Work

Pencil Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre

Jennifer Maestre (born 1959 in Johannesburg, South Africa) is a Massachusetts-based artist, internationally known for her unique pencil sculptures.

She is a graduate of Wellesley College and holds a BFA degree from the Massachusetts College of Art.

She derives most of her inspiration from the form and texture of the sea urchin. To make the pencil sculptures, Jennifer makes use of a variety pencils, nails and stitching. She takes hundreds of pencils, cuts them into small 1-inch sections, drills a hole in each section, sharpens them all and sews them together.

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You can find out more information about Jennifer Maestre and see more of her pencil sculptures at her website.
Welcome to Jennifer Maestre Sculpture

On her website, Jennifer Maestre explains in her Artist’s Statement, the origins of her art:

Artist’s Statement
My sculptures were originally inspired by the form and function of the sea urchin. The spines of the urchin, so dangerous yet beautiful, serve as an explicit warning against contact. The alluring texture of the spines draws the touch in spite of the possible consequences. The tension unveiled, we feel push and pull, desire and repulsion. The sections of pencils present aspects of sharp and smooth for two very different textural and aesthetic experiences. Paradox and surprise are integral in my choice of materials. Quantities of industrially manufactured objects are used to create flexible forms reminiscent of the organic shapes of animals and nature. Pencils are common objects, here, these anonymous objects become the structure. There is true a fragility to the sometimes brutal aspect of the sculptures, vulnerability that is belied by the fearsome texture.
About the Sculptures

Pencil Sculptures by Jennifer Maestre


Spring Time


3 to 1 Twist


All images used in this blog post are copyright of Jennifer Maestre and are used with her written permission.
Jennifer Maestre Pencil Sculptures
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