Amazing Snow Sculptures

Weekend image post brings you amazing art of snow sculpture

Snow Sculptures

Weekend Image Post – Snow Sculptures

Every Sunday either we publish a featured artist, a photo post, an infographics or some amazing, weird, funny and cool pictures and splendid photographs of varied interests from around the world.

This week we publish a collection of amazing snow sculpture from around the world.

It’s not always so easy to make such a collection as many owners disable downloading of their photos. We highly respect owners’ rights.

Snow sculpture is a sculpture form comparable to sand sculpture or ice sculpture in that most of it is now practiced outdoors, and often in full view of spectators, thus giving it kinship to performance art in the eyes of some. The materials and the tools differ widely, but often include hand tools such as shovels, hatchets, and saws. Snow sculptures are usually carved out of a single block of snow about 6 to 15 feet on each side and weighing about 20 – 30 tons. The snow is densely packed into a form after having been produced by artificial means or collected from the ground after a snowfall.

– From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Snow Sculptures
The 2010 snow sculpture contest in Grant Park.
By obi1kenobi1

Snow Sculptures

Snow Sculptures

Check out these amazing snow sculptures of amateur and professional snow artists.

1 More Snow Sculptures
Come more Whitehorse snow sculptures. Prospectors thinking. I actually think all prospectors look like this up here including the snow.
By Cap’n Canuck

2 More Snow Sculptures
Come more Whitehorse snow sculptures. Not sure what that is in his hand…
By Cap’n Canuck

3 Snow Sculpture 2
A snow sculpture in the afternoon sun.
By Arlo Bates

4 Snow Sculpture 1
A snow sculpture at Festival du Voyageur in the late afternoon sun.
By Arlo Bates

5 Snow Sculptures, Harbin18
By MattinChina

6 Snow Sculptures, Harbin01
By MattinChina

7 A Snow Sculpture in Breckenridge
A snow sculpture for the 2010 Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships in Breckenridge, Colorado
By marantzer

8 Snow sculpture in Novosibirsk
By mksystem

9 Snow Sculpture, Yukon
Snow Sculpture, international competition as part of Sourdough Rendezvous celebrations, Whitehorse
By dacardoso

10 Snow Debate
GCI Snow Sculptures Fur Rondy, Anchorage, AK
By Troy B Thompson

Snow Sculptures – Gallery


Snow Sculptures – Browser


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Note: These galleries in the series Amazing Pics are dynamic in nature. We may replace some or all of these photos from any of these galleries as and one we have more popular ones. So come back again and make a habit of enjoying them occasionally. You may suggest any photo of your choice, and give us the link. We will add them if legally downloadable, and give you due credit.
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More Amazing Pics
Weekend image post brings you amazing, weird, funny and cool pictures
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