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XeeMe has a New Name Appearoo

Appearoo is your online appearance amplifier.

XeeMe is now Appearoo

XeeMe is an amazing software tool that allows you to show all the networks where you share content with a single link: your personal social address book URL. Society3 has launched an all new level of online influence tool – appearoo. The product started it’s beta live as XeeMe. Appearoo is the new name for XeeMe. The transition from XeeMe to appearoo would take place in three phases.

Twitter Analytics

Measure and boost your impact on Twitter.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter had introduced Twitter Analytics earlier this year but it was available only to advertisers, verified users, and Twitter card publishers. On August 27, 2014, Twitter revamped Tweet activity dashboard and open up access to EVERYONE. Now, anyone with a Twitter account may know how your Tweets are performing.

Lorem Ipsum Text Generator

A useful tool for designers and developers

Design Tools

We introduce on our blog useful tools, helpful tips, apps, and websites to help designers and developers the best possible way. Today, we will discuss the Lorem Ipsum Text Generator. Lorem Ipsum is a pseudo-Latin placeholder text used in web and graphic design, layout, typography, publishing and printing in place of meaningful content to emphasize design elements over textual content.

To Tag or Not To Tag

A complete guide to Facebook tagging etiquette.

Facebook Tagging Etiquette

All social media sites set their own written rules of Do’s and Don’ts for users to follow. Besides, users themselves have evolved un-written rules of Social Media Etiquette or Netiquette as also popularly called. The etiquette differs depending upon the feature and the social media site. In this post, we are going to discuss, Facebook Tagging Etiquette.

Patriotic Feeling on Social Media

Celebrate patriotism by changing your display pictures to Independence Day themes.

Independence Day

Spirit of patriotism is always in our hearts as we love our country. But those on the social media, especially youngsters, are suddenly feeling patriotic as the 68th Independence Day of the nation approaches. In keeping with the annual tradition, they are changing their display pictures to Tricolor or Independence Day themes to celebrate the national day.

Nothing Illegal about Tricolor as Profile Photo Online

There is no violation of the flag code to have the tricolor as profile photo on the social media.

Independence Day

Over the last couple of days, debate rages on social media about how display of Indian national flag as one’s profile photo violates the code of the flag. However, the legal fraternity and the experts of Constitution claim that you need not worry about having the Indian national flag as your profile photo on social media to show your pride and patriotism on the occasion.

Proud to be an Indian

Wear Indian Tricolor on your Facebook / Twitter Profile photo FREE.

Independence Day

India celebrates its 68th Independence Day this Friday on August 15, 2014. As a proud Indian we are already under the spell of the tricolors – saffron, white, and green. Proud to be an Indian, and wear Indian Tricolor on your Facebook / Twitter Profile photo!

Indian Festival of Raksha Bandhan

The sacred thread of love and a bond of protection.

Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is an ancient Hindu festival that ritually celebrates the affectionate bond between brothers and sisters. It is also called Rakhi Purnima, or simply Rakhi (sacred thread of love). ‘Raksha’ means protection and ‘Bandhan’ means a bond (a bond of protection).

Say Hello to Messages on Pinterest

Share your best discoveries, swap creative ideas, plan projects with friends.

Introducing Messages

Every day, people send more than two million Pins. Sending a Pin is a great way to let someone know you found something they would love. Now, Pinterest has made it easier for you to have a conversation about those Pins. When someone sends you a Pin, you will be able to reply with a message or send a Pin back without leaving the app or website!