Biggest Full Moon in 18 Years

Supermoon on Saturday was bigger and brighter than regular full moon.

Amazing Pics

Weekend Image Post — Supermoon

By definition, a supermoon is simply an unusually big full moon that happens to be close to the earth. On Saturday March 19, 2011, the moon was just 221,566 miles (356,577 kilometers) away from earth, making the so-called supermoon the biggest and brightest full moon in 18 years. The moon was around 14 per cent bigger and 30 per cent brighter as compared to other full moons during the year. The last full moon so big and close to earth occurred in March of 1993.

The moon’s orbit around the earth is not a perfect circle, but oval; therefore, sometimes it’s close to the earth and sometimes it’s farther away. The distance between the farthest point (apogee) and the nearest point (perigee) is about 50,000 km. The perigee moons are 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than apogee moons. Saturday’s perigee put the moon about 8% closer to Earth than usual, and about 2% closer to Earth than the average lunar perigee.

The term Supermoon was first coined by Astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. The best time to look at the full moon is when it’s near the horizon. Supermoon doesn’t cause natural disasters.

Hundreds of sky gazers across the world headed outside on Saturday night to get a glimpse of a Supermoon.

I am publishing here 10 pictures of Supermoon from Yahoo and Flickr.

1 to 5 Source: Yahoo! / Clint Thomas

6 Source: Flickr / All rights reserved by nclint
Super Moon on the night of March 19, 2011. Cloud cover in our area of NM tonight prevented a clear view of the moon tonight. This shot was taken around 2200 hrs Mountain Standard Time.
Nikon D7000 200MM

7 Source: Flickr / All rights reserved by howardcto
This photo was taken on March 19, 2011 using a Nikon E4800.

8 Source: Flickr / All rights reserved by Ragdoll14
The super moon rises over Narragansett Bay with Newport Rhode Island in the background.
This photo was taken on March 19, 2011 using a Canon EOS 7D.

9 Source: Flickr / All rights reserved by M-Avi, Ahmedabad Photographer Aviral Mediratta.
Full Moon @ 23:40 Hrs IST on March 19, 2011
This photo was taken on March 19, 2011 using a Canon EOS 500D.

10 Source: Flickr / All rights reserved by M-Avi, Ahmedabad Photographer Aviral Mediratta.
Super Moon @ 00:30 Hrs IST on March 20, 2011
This photo was taken on March 20, 2011 using a Canon EOS 500D.

Supermoon — Gallery


Supermoon — Browser


Picture 1 of 10

Source: Yahoo! and Flickr
Flickr is an image hosting and video hosting website, and online community created by Ludicorp and later acquired by Yahoo. Flickr is almost certainly the most popular online photo management and sharing application for users to share and embed personal photographs. In September 2010, it reported that it was hosting more than 5 billion images.
License: All or some rights reserved by respective owners.
Download: We have downloaded only those photos that are available for download under a Creative Commons license.
Flickr – Share Your Photos

My Favourite Supermoon

My favourite supermoon pic is one uploaded on Flickr by Steve O. I couldn’t include it in this gallery as the owner has disabled downloading of his photos.

I am giving you the link to check it out:

Another shot from last nights super moon event. Again, I ended up taking two shots, one exposing for the moon, and another exposing for the foreground and then merging the two in CS5.
The cool thing about last night as you watched the moon come up was that at the beginning the moon had an orange hue to it as it came above the horizon and it looked big. But as it rose into the night sky it became smaller, whiter and brighter.
Really was a very cool event to witness and document.
Super Moon Over NYC

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