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General issues associated with eCommerce, especially small business.

Chainy Contest for Designers

Design a twitter cover for chainy brand and win a prize.

Chainy Contest for Designers

Chainy connects creative people and notifies them about relevant opportunities. Chainy recently officially introduced their First Contest, Ever to build the Chainy brand! Your task will be to design a cover image for their Twitter page. You take on creative challenges set by brands and artists while competing with other Chainy creatives to win prizes.

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Check Website Reputation with ScamAdviser

Check a website's reputation and write a review to help make the Web safe.

Trust and Review Tools

ScamAdviser is a FREE Trust and Review Tool allowing consumers to quickly check a website they are about to buy something from. The tool provides an accurate and measured rating of a website as a guide based on over 150 different criteria. A domain verified independently by ScamAdviser experts may apply for free Trust Seal.

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Setup ACH Direct Deposit at ShareASale

Now affiliates from India may also setup direct deposit to bank


Previously, Payment Method for non-USA affiliates was only Check via Postal Mail. This resulted in considerable delay in receiving the payment in hand. But now, affiliates from India may also setup direct deposit to bank.

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Set Up your Google+ Business Page

Get closer to your prospects, customers, fans and followers on Google+

Google+ Business Page

Google+, a social network powered by the search engine giant Google, was launched on June 28 2011. Since then businesses were keenly waiting to create a business page to develop relationships with their prospects, customers, fans and followers on Google+. At last, Google announced the release of Google+ business pages on November 7, 2011.

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Selling on Addoway

Add Klout score on Addoway to create more trust between buyers and sellers


Addoway is an online marketplace that helps you buy with your friends and merchants you can trust. Addoway gave sellers the option to add Klout Scores in April of this year. Addoway believed Klout was an important component of trust and would help improve confidence in their network.

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Introducing Addoway

Shop from your friends and people you know and trust


Addoway was founded in December of 2009 by Fredrick Nijm and Anthony Saia to offer users a free online marketplace that helps you buy with your friends and merchants you can trust. An intro video explains buying and selling online with Addoway.

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