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Fontface Ninja

Web browser extension helps you identify fonts on the Internet.

Fontface Ninja

We review helpful web design tools, apps and websites on our blog to help designers and developers the best possible way. Today, we introduce a web browser extension, Fontface Ninja that helps you identify fonts on the Internet. It is a project by Creaktif, a creative studio located in Paris.

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Blogger Dynamic Views

Blogger offers seven dynamic ways to share your blog

Dynamic Views

Blogger offers you the ability to present your blog content in seven different views that display text and photos differently. Blogger introduced Dynamic Views in September, 2011. In dynamic view the entire blog can be changed automatically with a click of a mouse and can be displayed in seven different looks.

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Add LinkWithin Widget to Gain Pageviews

Show related stories with thumbnails under each blog post!


There are many ways to get more and more traffic to your blog. You should also keep them engaged with your blog, and increase pageviews. You may do so by adding LinkWithin blog widget that appears under each blog post, linking to related stories with thumbnails from your blog archive.

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Blog Promotion with BlogUpp!

BlogUpp! is a quality blog network and blog promotion service


Many first time bloggers assume that once their blog is setup and they post a few articles, they will easily start getting real blog readers even without any promotion. That is quite untrue. You won’t get any traffic till your blog gets discovered and read. A cool solution to broadcast your blog widely is BlogUpp!

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Build Your New eBusiness in 5 Steps!

BeBiz Internet Business Building Tool

BeBiz Business Building Tool

BeBiz is an easy-to-use interactive wizard driven system that guides you every step of the way as you create your own online business. It includes full video tutorials to walk you through each step from finding profitable markets to creating a winning sales letter to taking your first orders. BeBiz is an all-in-one automated business building tool.

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