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Heather McCready

Weekend Video Post – Texas Singer and Songwriter

Heather McCready whom I get to know on Twitter is a uniquely gifted singer and prolific songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas, USA. She has recently released her third album, Give It A Day, a musical collage of deeply emotional, captivating songs, as well as blissful, imaginative melodies.

As a person, Heather is a genuinely warm, personable, deeply spiritual woman whose music brings hope and peace into others’ lives. Her music is honest and vulnerable and her voice is incredibly beautiful and angelic. She enjoys intimate performances that accentuate her true artistry, passion, and the love of music.

She loves playing upbeat bluegrass music with fiddles and dancing for outdoor festivals and peaceful acoustic performance for silent intimate surroundings. Wherever she travels, she has music for the journey!

Noteworthy Note
Her voice, lyrics and accompaniment captivate the senses and pour into your very soul.”
– George Beverly “Bev” Shea (born February 1, 1909)
A Grammy Award-winning Canadian centenarian, bass-baritone singer of gospel music and the composer of several hymns and hymn tunes.
Heather McCready

Brief Life-sketch of Heather McCready

Heather McCready is a uniquely gifted and prolific singer and songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas, USA whose music will reach deep inside of you and touch your spirit. With touches of bluegrass, Celtic, classical, and folk, Heather has an original and remarkable sound that is all her own.

Described by fans as “evocative” and “refreshing” her music will open up your heart and draw you in. Heather is not swayed by convention and loves doing the unexpected. The end result is music that is imaginative, whimsical and spirited!

Heather thrives on individuality and bursts with creative expression resulting in profound tracks that will move her listeners. She currently has airplay all over the world including in the Netherlands, Germany, France and England.

Heather’s own inspiration for her music stems from her personal platform for mental health awareness. After losing two of her closest family members to suicide and struggling with bipolar disorder herself, Heather aspires to help other mental health sufferers and to fight against existing antiquated stigmas associated with mental health disorders. In support of her platform, Heather is narrating an upcoming documentary produced by the Traumatic Loss Institute pertaining to mental health that will feature her song “Pray It By” from Heather’s first album Finally Free.

Heather currently lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband, Mark, and their two children, Marshall and Ruthie. When she is not in the studio or writing music, Heather loves spending time with her kids and has a passion for photographing nature and the world around her.

Albums by Heather McCready

Since 2009, Heather has released three full-length albums, Finally Free, Neverland, and Give It A Day. Through every album, she continues to grow and evolve as a musician. She truly understands the art of making music by focusing on detail, simplicity and purity of sound. She and her band use a blend of acoustic guitars, fiddles, mandolin, piano, cello, and upright bass, as well as Heather’s own angelic and distinctly pure voice to create unparalleled compositions. She will take you to a place you will never want to leave.

You may get them at Amazon.com (Click the CD Covers below):

Finally Free

Finally Free
Pure, elegant, sophisticated, beautiful, rich, peaceful, fun and absorbing. “Her voice, lyrics and accompaniment captivate the senses and pour into your very soul.” — George Beverly Shea.

Genre: Folk: Celtic Folk


A creative and engrossing musical adventure for the senses. Using acoustic guitars, fiddles, mandolin, piano, cello, upright bass, as well as her own angelic and distinctively pure voice, Heather McCready will take you to a tranquil yet artistically stimulating place you will never want to leave. Catch a glimpse of her imagination, heart and soul as she takes you with her on a captivating trip to never land, the place she calls home.
Genre: Easy Listening: Adult contemporary

Give It A Day

Give It A Day
Heather McCready’s third album, Give It A Day, a musical collage of deeply emotional, captivating songs, as well as blissful, imaginative melodies. With a voice that has been described as “angelic”, “distinctively pure”, and “simply gorgeous”, McCready truly shines with arguably her best release yet.
Genre: Country: Americana

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Videos by Heather McCready

Heather McCready Family Videos
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McCreadyTube’s Channel

You Came To Me … From the Album “Give It A Day”

More Information about Heather McCready

To learn more about Heather, her story, and her music please visit her websites. She updates her blog regularly at her website. She can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks. Also join her fight for Mental Health Awareness.

Website and Blog

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Heather McCready
@TravelinGirl1 Texas ( DFW)
Native Texan singer- songwriter, Heather McCready, is a true musical artist and a noteworthy lyricist whose music soothes the spirit and stimulates the mind.
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Heather McCready
Come hear the music on my Facebook music page “Heather McCready Music”! Also look for the “Join Heather McCready’s Fight for Mental Healh Awareness” page!
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