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Jack Stevens

Weekend Audio Post – Hard Rock Artist

I am a follower on twitter of Jack Stevens, a hard rock artist with a CD just out on May 18, 2010. I love his rich voice, and his band rocks! The name of his band is his name, JACK STEVENS. If you are also a fan of Jack Stevens Rocks then here is an opportunity to get your favourite band on the KISS tour.

Get Your Favourite Band on the KISS Tour is organized by KISS and Guitar Center. You may select 22 unsigned bands for 22 cities in the US for the KISS tour. Before I get into that details an introduction of Jack Stevens and his band follows.

Jack Stevens Rocks Inc.

Members: Jack Stevens, Ray Anton – Guitar, Eric B – Guitar, Chris G – Bass, Evan L – Drums

Location: South Florida

Artist Bio:
Jack Stevens, former front man for South Florida Hard Rock Band Sin City is back and better than ever with new CD, High, Dirty & Low being released May 18, 2010. Taking Hard Rock to New Heights! Influenced by Hard Rock Legends, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Kiss, etc. This Music is a compliment to his influences but with more of an edge and today’s sound!

Born in New York and raised in New Jersey & Rhode Island. Jack decided instead of going the traditional route to Los Angeles, he moved to South Florida in the early 90’s where he formed and fronted the hard rock band Sin City. Sin City went on to National and International acclaim, even being cited as, “One Of The Best Unsigned Bands,” as written by writer Paul Gallota in XS Magazine. As is the Music biz at times, the other members grew weary of the road life and they decided to settle down.

After a few years of writing and recording music, Jack decided that it was time to come out with his own Debut CD, “High, Dirty & Low.” Recorded at Natural Sound & Mastered at After Midnight Productions, Jack co-wrote and produced all the tracks, and “High, Dirty & Low,” is an accumulation of everything and every where that Jack Stevens has been, done and seen these last years.

Jack breathes playing live and again just like his influences, knows the importance of putting on a high energy, fun live show for the fans! So buckle up, keep your hands inside at all times and get ready for a Rock ‘N’ Roll ride of your life with Jack Stevens.

Demand Jack Stevens in your City

  1. Demand that your favorite band comes to your city.
    The top 5 bands with the most demands will be reviewed by KISS, and KISS will select the final winning band that will open up for them.
  2. One demand per person per band.
  3. Each city’s competition ends approximately two weeks before the concert takes place.

Jack Stevens appealed to his Twitter followers to get his band on KISS tour!

My band & I have an opportunity to open for Kiss but we need fan votes, just once & it’s free! So I pose this question to you all.

If you had an opportunity to make someone elses dream come true & you knew you could be part of that, would ya do it? I know I would 4 you!

Get us on KISS tour! Go 2 http://is.gd/coNz to Demand us now! #KISS Raleigh Metro 27609 Please vote 4 me! Whadda ya say? Please Vote! Thanks

Jack Stevens Tweets

Soon his followers and fans also started spreading the news, and I also got one such twitter message.

To demand your favorite band, go to the website eventful

Look for Current competitions

Click on the banner of Get your Favorite Band on the KISS Tour!

Scroll to Raleigh metro area and click, then on next page click on [Demand it!] button for Jack Stevens to vote Raleigh Metro. Zip code is 27609. And your demand would be counted.

Demand it! Widget

For the convenience of our readers, Jack Stevens fans, and Raleigh locals, we are placing here a live Demand it! widget to demand, Bring Jack Stevens to Raleigh.

Demand JACK STEVENS in Raleigh!
JACK STEVENS in Raleigh - Learn more about this Eventful Demand

Now that you have made your demand that JACK STEVENS come to Raleigh metro area, spread the word to get your favorite band on the KISS Tour! I have made my demand and got into spreading the word.

Tweet this Demand

Tweet this Demand

Share on Facebook

Share on Facebook

Help bring JACK STEVENS to Raleigh

I am posting this article to spread the word further to get our readers to join the Demand. JACK STEVENS concert in Raleigh. Local JACK STEVENS fans are demanding that JACK STEVENS comes to Raleigh.

Go to eventful to demand that JACK STEVENS comes to Raleigh

To learn more about Jack Stevens, listen to his music, purchase his debut CD, and follow him on the social media network, visit his Official Website.

Jack Stevens Debut CD – High, Dirty & Low

Become a Jack Stevens Fan:


My Space


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Weekend Post – Featured Artist
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  1. when i m following Friday in twitter for sure i need a dynamic music such as JACK STEVENS’ music , that lets me wake ! hehe
    nice topic , i like the way you write about our friends in twitter ! before i enjoyed the special celebration of mother day with Fahassani and today lets ROCK!

    • Thanks, I appreciate your regular visits to my blog.
      Next time you write your comments, please write your twitter username (username NOT @username).
      Then other readers would be able to follow you on twitter via tweetmeme, and this is another way to gain followers.

  2. Fahassani
    | Permalink

    Yes it is well written indeed.

    (Jack Stevens on KISS Tour) interesting…

    This is kind of topics I would like see in a video ( like youtube).

  3. wow! what a gr8 blog! I’m so humbled and appreciative for this my friend! Very well written and just amazing! thanks so much again! Jack Stevens

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