Add a Text Bubble to your Twavatar

Twavatars is a simple but popular twitter tool that allows you to add a text bubble to your twavatar (twitter avatar). It allows you to write up to 10 characters on your twitter avatar. You can also change your twavatar via tweet from the web or mobile phone. You need not worry, as you could revert to your original at any time.

TipTop – Twitter Conversation Search Engine

There are many cool online twitter search and discovery tools. TipTop, an innovative twitter conversation search engine, is one of them. TipTop searches and discovers useful tips around twitter and displays sentiments of what people are talking about into two main categories, ‘Tips’ or ‘piTs’. ‘Tips’ are positive sentiments where as ‘piTs’ are mainly negative content, never the less equally useful.

Maharajas’ Express promises a royal ride from Kolkata to Delhi

Now, travel through the heart of India in the lap of luxury. Equipped with LCD TVs, panoramic windows and internet connectivity, the new Maharajas’ Express promises to make the journey, christened Celestial India, from Kolkata to Delhi a royal experience.


Marriage among the Hindus was considered a sacramental union and it continued to be so throughout the entire Hindu period. However with changes in the society marriage among the Hindus which was essentially a sacrament partook the nature of a contract. The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 covering entire India except the state of Jammu & Kashmir has reformed the Hindu law of marriage.

What are Some Effective Gout Home Remedies?

5 tips to try at home.


NSAIDs, Colchicine and steroids will help ease the pain but only gout home remedies will cure the disease. Discover why natural remedies actually flush the uric acid that causes gout.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Online!

The Step-by-Step Guide to Selling Online is the #1-selling business start-up program that has helped THOUSANDS of regular people with no previous experience or technical skills launch successful eBusinesses.

Facebook Email Malware Scam

Password reset confirmation email malware scam

Email Malware Scam

Malware and email scam are working together in a vicious cycle. Fake ‘Facebook Password Reset Confirmation’ emails carry Trojan. Be very careful if you receive an unsolicited email claiming to come from “Facebook Support” []. The emails, which all have the subject line “Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Support.”, claim that the recipient’s new password is contained in the attached file.

Diet for Gallstones

How nutrition can help you pass your gallstones naturally.


Did you know that there is actually a diet for gallstones? Here are 5 FREE gallstone dieting tips that may help you pass your gallstones.


The practice of giving a “dowry” or a gift to a woman at marriage is said to have its origins in the system of “streedhan” (women’s share of parental wealth given to her at the time of her marriage).
With a view to eradicate the rampant social evil of dowry from the Indian society, Parliament in 1961 passed the Dowry Prohibition Act.