Pay a Blogger Day!

Remember bloggers, developers and other creators on this day

Pay a Blogger Day!

Support Great Web Content!

Swedish social micro payments site Flattr is launching the first ever Pay a Blogger Day on November 29, 2011, in a bid to encourage people to pay for content they love reading for free online.

Flattr makes it very easy to support bloggers and other creators you care about. Content creators can get rewarded directly by their fans and followers through small payments.

November 29th is Pay a Blogger Day! On November 29, pay a blogger!

Remember Bloggers on Pay a Blogger Day!

Pay a Blogger Day!

If this is the first time you have heard about Pay a Blogger Day then watch the video below:

Pay A Blogger Day

Uploaded by flattrcom on Nov 22, 2011

Bloggers give up an awful lot of their spare time to make their readers smarter, happier or simply more efficient in killing time. What if ALL of us gave something back to them, even for just one day. Buy their T-shirt, the book with affiliate links or make a donation. They’ve sure deserved it.

Support Great Web Content
If you want to support great web content, sign up and add means to your account.

Spend some money every month on Flattr. Whenever you see a Flattr button on a blog or website that you like, click it. Each click is counted. At the end of the month, your monthly spend gets distributed between everything you have clicked on.
Start Supporting!
Support GoldenTwine Blog
If you want to support this blog, click on the Flattr Button on right sidebar, or follow my profile on Flattr:
Flattr Me

The motivated web users may support bloggers giving them a Flattr click or simply through purchasing their merchandise which could be a song, an ebook or making a donation. Show some love for those that work hard to supply you with great content.

Want to Pay a Blogger?
Here are some great ways to give back to bloggers for their enjoyable, and sometimes hard work:
Pay a Blogger

Probably, Pay a Blogger Day won’t provide bloggers with enough money to make a living, but it may give them the necessary pat on the back to encourage them to keep contributing their craft to the Internet.

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Welcome to Flattr!
Join the movement to support bloggers and other creators
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