Season Colours of Autumn

Dazzling displays of autumn colours in parks, gardens and forests.

Season Colours of Autumn

Weekend Image Post – Season Colours of Autumn

Do you love autumn? Autumn is a favorite time of the year to capture the beauty of nature, enjoying a walk in a spectacular landscape of autumn colours or jumping in fallen leaves. Colourful foliage and the changing of the seasons create incredible landscape with beautiful autumn colours. The spectacle is so popular that people plan entire vacations around the possibility of seeing the autumn foliage.

Season Colours of Autumn

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Autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn season, various shades of red, yellow, purple, and brown. The phenomenon is commonly called autumn colours or autumn foliage, fall colors or fall foliage.
In some areas of Canada and the United States, “leaf peeping” tourism is a major contribution to economic activity. This tourist activity occurs between the beginning of color changes and the onset of leaf fall, usually around October in the Northern Hemisphere and April to May in the Southern Hemisphere.
– From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In our weekend image blog post we publish ten dazzling images of riotous color displays of Fall Season from a gallery published in National Geographic.

1. Autumn Brook

The banks of a rushing brook are littered with colorful leaves in a spectacular scene of the fall season. Shortening days signal the coming of cold weather to broadleaf trees. Unable to protect their leaves from the chill they shed them after extracting the foliage’s essential nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorous.
Photo Credit: Olegas Kurasovas

Autumn Brook

2. Floating Leaves and Needles

A colorful collection of leaves and needles floats on the surface of the West Branch of the Pleasant River at Gulf Hagas, Maine. This remote gorge, Maine’s “Grand Canyon,” is deep within the 100-Mile Wilderness and accessible to hikers on the Appalachian Trail. Because of its obvious attractions, fall is among the most popular times to hike in New England.
Photo Credit: Sam Abell

Floating Leaves and Needles

3. Finnish Maple Leaves

A pile of fallen maple leaves catches a few rays of extra color from a sunset in Finland. Days grow short quickly during the Finnish fall, but fading light and frosty weather combine to create a spectacular foliage display during the months of September and October.
Photo Credit: Kalle Mustonen

Finnish Maple Leaves

4. Equinox Flowers

In Japan the colorful blooming of Lycoris flowers peaks around the period of the autumn equinox, so the plant is named equinox flower or Higanbana. The equinox is a Buddhist holiday in Japan, and the flowers are commonly seen in cemeteries to honor ancestors who have made the transition from this Earthly world. Rice farmers employ the plants for a more practical use – their poisonous bulbs are meant to keep mice and other pests out of crops.
Photo Credit: Danuta Lacka

Equinox Flowers

5. Hagi Garden

A pond of colorful koi mirrors the fall foliage of a delightful private garden in Hagi, on Japan’s Honshu Island. Japanese cherish the season of Kouyou, or “changing colors,” just as much as their better-known spring cherry blossom festivals. The country’s most colorful trees include the Japanese maple, the ginkgo, and, of course, the cherry.
Photo Credit: Sam Abell

Hagi Garden

6. Maine River Gorge

The West Branch of the Pleasant River in Maine tumbles through a rocky gorge lined with trees sporting evergreen needles and cloaked in fall color. Here at remote Gulf Hagas, the river tumbles down a series of waterfalls to drop more than 400 feet over four miles.
Photo Credit: Sam Abell

Maine River Gorge

7. Fall in Paradise Valley

The Yellowstone River flows past banks aglow with golden fall color as it makes its way through Montana’s Paradise Valley. The area is known for world-class fly fishing, but also rewards those who simply wish to soak in the scenery. Emigrant Peak, part of the Absaroka mountain range, provides a towering backdrop to an iconic scene of autumn in the American West.
Photo Credit: Annie Griffiths

Fall in Paradise Valley

8. Natagiri Pass Path

Brilliant autumn sunshine and an inviting carpet of colorful leaves entice walkers ever-upward along a path on Japan’s Natagiri Pass. Those taking this trail follow in the footsteps of the great poet Matsuo Basho, who traveled it in 1689. Readers of his backcountry journal, Narrow Road to a Far Province, have sought the path ever since.
Photo Credit: Michael S Yamashita

Natagiri Pass Path

9. Cooperstown Bridge

The placid waters and colorful foliage of Cooperstown, New York, frame a bucolic fall retreat. This scene may appear timeless, but a number of ever-changing environmental variables like temperatures and soil moisture ensure that no two autumns are exactly alike when it comes to Mother Nature’s color palette.
Photo Credit: Robert Madden

Cooperstown Bridge

10. White Mountains and Colorful Canopy

New Hampshire’s White Mountains live up to their name as a beautiful white snowfall on the high peaks contrasts with a colorful canopy of fall leaves below. The dusting presents a reminder that in this season of plentiful harvests and striking beauty, the chill of winter is not far behind.
Photo Credit: Michael S Yamashita

White Mountains and Colorful Canopy

Source: National Geographic
Fall Colors
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