Setup ACH Direct Deposit at ShareASale

Now affiliates from India may also setup direct deposit to bank


Performance Marketing – ShareASale

Performance Marketing occurs when e-businesses (merchants) and individual websites that generate their own traffic (affiliates) partner to drive traffic to the merchant’s website and the merchant pays a reward or bounty when the visitor referral results in a sale, lead, click, or other measurable action.

ShareASale is the trusted third-party that brings together both merchants and affiliates. They provide services and tools that help merchants and affiliates optimize their performance.

ShareASale is a performance marketing network, which means that the affiliates who generate traffic and sales are only paid upon actual performance, and at the commission rate that an individual merchant sets.

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Affiliate Payment

An affiliate receives a commission from for sending a merchant authorized sales, leads, and/or clicks via affiliate links. Payments are made automatically on the twentieth day of each month when an affiliate’s account balance reaches $50 or more for the previous months’ transactions.

Payment Sent for Affiliate Marketing Activity

Previously, Payment Method for non-USA affiliates was only Check via Postal Mail. This resulted in considerable delay in receiving the payment in hand.

For example, the payment date for last payment that has reached my hand was September 20, 2011. Believe it or not, I received the check sent via Postal Mail only on October 18, 2011. I deposited the check to my Bank account the next day. But the money was credited to my account on November 4, 2011. So I had to wait for about six weeks from the day payent was sent to receive the money in hand.

They have sent my latest payment check via Postal Mail on December 20, 2011. I have not yet received the check at the time of publishing this article.

On my recent visit to ShareASale site, I saw a message against my Balance info on my Affiliate Home Page:



Setup Direct Deposit (India)

When I clicked the setup link, it took me to Direct Deposit to Bank Form:

Direct Deposit to Bank Form

The form is very simple to fill, turn your Direct-Deposit ON, fill in Bank Name, City, your Name on the Bank Account, Bank IFSC Number, and your Bank Account Number.

IFSC Number (Indian Financial System Code)
You can obtain your IFSC Number from your financial institution. Your institution may have multiple IFSC numbers, in which case request the IFSC number for NEFT payment. This should be 11 characters.

After you fill up the Direct Deposit to Bank Form, do not forget to update your Account information for your payment preference. The best thing is that there is no extra fee to setup ACH Direct Deposit.

Payment Preference

On receiving my next payment that is due on February 20, 2012, I shall know how much time I have saved by setting up ACH Direct Deposit rather than receiving Check via Mail.

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Affiliate Marketing is when a software publisher offers the opportunity for others to sell their products from their host websites in return for a commission on sales. This provides tremendous sales opportunity to the software retailer (affiliate) as they develop their own virtual sales program, increasing their web site’s revenue with each sale made through the program.
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One Comment

  1. Johnson
    | Permalink

    Hi Subrato

    Your article is very informative and I found it very useful. Recently I joined the ShareASale network and I have found this affiliate network to be very good. In fact there is less competition for most of the products. ShareASale seems to be better than Commission Junction and Amazon.

    I am having some issues with the ACH Direct Deposit as the State Bank of India is taking a lot of time in crediting the payments into my account. I am pursuing the issue with the bank to find a solution. I will let you know once the issue is solved.

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