Share Photos on Twitter with TwitPic

Post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, TwitPic API, or through the site itself


What is TwitPic?

TwitPic is a website that allows users to easily share photos on the Twitter microblogging and social media service. Twitpic was launched in 2008 by Noah Everett. In an interview with Mixergy Noah Everett revealed that he had been offered a price within the region of 10 Million US Dollars for his company but declined the offer. In terms of traffic, Alexa says Twitpic is a top 100 site. The site has about 6.5 million registered users.

How to Use TwitPic?

You can post pictures to TwitPic from your phone, TwitPic API, or through the site itself.

There are also popular twitter clients that have built-in support for TwitPic. Tweetdeck, Echofon, Tweetie, Twitfile and Twitterrific are iPhone applications that can upload photos from iPhones to TwitPic. ÜberTwitter and OpenBeak are BlackBerry apps that also have the capability of uploading images to TwitPic. WebOS phones may upload images to Twitpic using the Tweed application. Android phones can upload pictures to TwitPic with the Twidroid and Seesmic applications.

TwitPic could be used independently of Twitter, in a way similar to Flickr. However several characteristics make this site a companion for Twitter. Twitpic usernames and passwords are the same as the ones in Twitter. Comments to photographs are sent as a reply tweet. Twitpic URLs are already short, making it unnecessary to use URL shortening. Anyone with a Twitter account can post pictures to the site. This has the disadvantage of anyone being able to post pornographic, obscene or objectionable material, although this is prohibited by the terms of use.

Post Photos from your Mobile

We want to make it as easy as we can for you to get your photos on twitter! Use your own unique address to email your photos directly into your TwitPic account from your mobile phone. Now you can capture your moments and share them with your friends as they happen. Use the Subject line of your email to send a message along with your photo to twitter.

How to Create a TwitPic Account?

If you have a Twitter account then you already have a TwitPic account, just login to TwitPic with your Twitter username and password and you are all set.

You may follow TwitPic @Twitpic for official news, and Noah Everett, the founder of TwitPic @noaheverett for other unofficial news.

Share Photos on Twitter with TwitPic

TwitPic is a very useful twitter tool. It could be very efficiently used especially by artists, cartoonists, designers and photographers to promote their creative work. Twitpic is often used by citizen journalists to upload and distribute pictures in near real-time as an event is taking place. Brands could use it as a catalog for their products. Others could use the service to share pictures and photos with others from their personal life or from the internet.

I know at least two of my friends on twitter who are using this service to others delight. Jim Smeltz is an Impressionist artist, and Lesley Dewar is an amateur photographer. Let me tell you how beautifully they are using twitpic.

Jim Smeltz

Name: Jim Smeltz
Location: Stroudsburg, Pa.
Website: Jim Smeltz Fine Art at eBay Store
Bio: Pennsylvania Impressionist artist. Over 70 awards, art instructor. Painting for over 45 years. Married with 3 kids and 7 grandkids. Living in the Pocono Mts.

"Blue Moon" acrylic painting 5"x7" on Twitpic

Jim Smeltz is an Impressionist artist. His personal page on TwitPic is like a virtual art gallery. He is using the service for almost a year now. He has uploaded more than a hundred pictures of his artwork. Anyone who goes through his twitpic display of acrylic paintings would fall in love with his fine art, and may not hesitate to purchase some of his works from Etsy or eBay Store at very reasonable price.

He would often tweet his friends with a link to TwitPic. I received a message from him about a week back that led me to his twitpic gallery – March Sky 4×6 in. acrylic painting available at Etsy Jim Smeltz. And one of his #ff message took me to – Today’s acrylic class at AC Moore Stroudsburg Pa. See below, his novel idea of promoting his talent via twitter messages and twitpic.

Jim Smeltz on Twitterjimsmeltzart – Lighting the Universe! @dahara @mlomb @devsandbox @RockingtheRobin @goldenTwine @pillowthrowdeco – Hope all had great #ff Welcome new followers and thank you for the rt’s shoutouts and kind mentions.

Lesley Dewar

Name: Lesley Dewar
Location: Perth Western Australia
Website: Stories My Nana Tells
Bio: I write stories that educate and entertain 7-12 yo children. Loves Social Media, Haiku, Free writing, Travel, Parenting, Marine Life, Environmental issues.

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Though she is a writer, she is very apt in the art of photography as well. She is a wonderful lady with a sense of humour and knows how to engage others in conversation and share fun. A few days back she organized a simple photo quiz via twitter and twitpic, and at the same time introduced her photography skill to participants and friends. She has already submitted about 1000 photos on twitpic. Let me share with you the quiz fun messages she exchanged with her friends.

Lesley Dewar on TwitterLesleyDewar
How many #whitelions in this pic at Canberra #Zoo? Giving away: 1pr of Zoo socks. Pls reply and RT

@goldenTwine Well done You are now in the draw for a pair of Canberra #Zoo #Sox

@goldenTwine You are correct. LOL Will be doing the draw at 5:00pm WST in Perth today. My Dad will draw the winner’s name out of a hat.

#Zoo #Sox Won by @norwin. Tks for taking part @goldenTwine

Zoo Quiz

GoldenTwine on TwitPic

Inspired by Jim Smeltz and Lesley Dewar, I am now also using TwitPic to share my own personal world of amateur art, pictures and photos, as well as my website and blog. So far I have uploaded only my children’s first Birthday Anniversary photos. The journey has begun!

GoldenTwine on TwittergoldenTwine

My son Snehashis when he was 1 year old
20 minutes ago via Twitpic

My daughter Snehanjali when she was 1 year old
19 minutes ago via Twitpic

TwitPic Plugin

There are many WordPress plugins for TwitPic. TwitPic Plugin is one of them that I am using on my blog. It displays my latest pictures from TwitPic in the sidebar of my blog. The plugin is widget ready and comes with many configuration options! As every theme brings its very own style, TwitPic has very little preset CSS. You may edit the CSS file twitpic.css to set colors, borders etc.

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  1. Very Nice article. Till date I was thinking flikr is the only option. I did not knew about TwitPic. I will try now TwitPic. Thanks for very good post.

  2. I have been to your site before. The more I learn, the more I keep coming back! ;~)

  3. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

    • On the sidebar, you will find Subscribe to RSS Feed. Click on Subscribe in a reader. If you want, you may subscribe by email as well.

  4. This is a great article that clearly shows how easy it is to add your photography to the Internet and to share it with friends and a wider audience.
    We had great fun with the white lion photo from the Canberra Zoo and gave away a pair of Zoo Sox from Australia to someone on Twitter who lives in lion country!
    This year, along with lots of others, I am part of the Twitter project to share one photo every day with my Tweetstream.
    I am looking forward to seeing your family photos on Twitpic, too.

    • Thanks for your comments. Uploading one photo a day to Twitpic is commendable.

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