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Tabla Solo by Sourabh Goho

Listen live Surtarang radio broadcast on 101.8 WCR FM

Sourabh Goho

Sourabh Goho is a young tabla player from Kolkata, India. He is going to have an online Tabla Solo (Sarangi Accompanist: Vijai Mishra ) on 22nd June 2011 on radio broadcast Surtarang (Wave of Melody) on 101.8 WCR FM, Wolverhampton City, United Kingdom.

Featured Artist – Tom Cloverfield

Composer, Artist, Producer

Tom Cloverfield

If I am to feature a musician on my blog this weekend from amongst my friends on twitter, one name that immediately comes to my mind is Tom Cloverfield, a composer, artist, producer – all in one without doubt. A versatile musician with many tracks, albums and videos easily available all over the net.

Featured Artist – Jack Stevens

Get Jack Stevens on KISS Tour!


I am a follower on twitter of Jack Stevens, a hard rock artist with a CD just out on May 18, 2010. I love his rich voice, and his band rocks! The name of his band is his name, JACK STEVENS. If you are also a fan of Jack Stevens Rocks then here is an opportunity to get your favourite band on the KISS tour.