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About Our Society

Homage to my revered father on his 63rd death anniversary.

About Our Society

On the 63rd death anniversary of my revered father, Dr Narendra Nath Pal (October 9, 1902 – August 30, 2017), I bring to you an article, About Our Society, written by him. This article was published in the Amrita Bazar Patrika (English format in Calcutta) on January 4, 1937. The article was written 80 years back in British India. It is for the esteem readers to decide whether they agree with his views that perhaps prevailed in that era, and whether those views still have any relevance in our society or not. Your feedback in the comments are warmly welcome.

Ten Rare and 100-Year-Old Photos of Calcutta

A century old photos of Calcutta from British Raj found in a shoe box.

100-Year-Old Photos of Calcutta

A size-nine Peter Lord shoe box full of 178 photographs capturing life in India at least a century ago had been discovered in the archives of Scotland’s national collections in 2012. The plate-glass negatives were found inside a shoe box by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) in Edinburgh. The negatives, believed to be dating back to 1912, were found in a fragile condition and were wrapped in copies of the Statesman newspaper dating from 1914, the RCAHMS said in a statement.