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Nine Years on Twitter

Twitter would remind you about your Twitter Anniversary.

Nine Years on Twitter

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! Simple, the month and year is displayed in my profile but not the date. In fact, it is displayed to the audience in the profile of all Twitter members. Twitter would also remind you on the day of your Twitter Anniversary. Now you know the date as well. If you want to know the exact date and even time when you joined Twitter then there are many tools that let you find out.

365 Days on Twitter

GoldenTwine completed 365 days on Twitter.

GoldenTwine on Twitter

I joined Twitter rather late on September 26, 2009. Today, I have completed 365 days on Twitter. I have 20,921 followers and 20,910 following, listed in 2,080 lists, tweeted 20,414 times.