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CSS3 User Interface Box Outline Offset

Use CSS3 outline-offset property to offset the outline rendition

Creative CSS

Setting an element outline is already available in CSS2, but in CSS3 outline has been expanded to include the outline-offset property. This allows to offset the outline by a specified number of pixels. By default, the outline is drawn starting just outside the edge or border of an element.

CSS3 User Interface Box Sizing

Use CSS3 box-sizing property to alter the default CSS box model

Creative CSS

The CSS3 box-sizing property allows you to determine whether you want an element to render it’s borders and padding within its specified width, or outside of it. By default, box-sizing property is set to content-box. By setting it to border-box, you can force the browser to instead render the box with the specified width and height, and place the border and padding inside the box.

CSS3 User Interface Box Resize

Use CSS3 resize property to allow end user to resize an element

Creative CSS

CSS3 offers some great new properties relating to resizing elements such as text areas, outlining, box sizing, and more. We have already discussed some of these features. In this article and subsequent few more we will focus on some of the most significant ways you can enhance user interface features in CSS3.