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Tabla Solo by Sourabh Goho

Listen live Surtarang radio broadcast on 101.8 WCR FM

Sourabh Goho

Sourabh Goho is a young tabla player from Kolkata, India. He is going to have an online Tabla Solo (Sarangi Accompanist: Vijai Mishra ) on 22nd June 2011 on radio broadcast Surtarang (Wave of Melody) on 101.8 WCR FM, Wolverhampton City, United Kingdom.

Featured Artist – Heather McCready

A uniquely gifted singer and prolific songwriter

Heather McCready

Heather McCready whom I get to know on Twitter is a uniquely gifted singer and prolific songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas, USA. She has recently released her third album, Give It A Day, a musical collage of deeply emotional, captivating songs, as well as blissful, imaginative melodies.

Featured Artist – Sourabh Goho

A young student of tabla from Kolkata, India

Tabla Player

Sourabh’s father, Jyoti Goho, is a renowned classical harmonium player. But he was initiated into tabla playing at a very tender age of five. At the age of seven, he started learning under the great tabla maestro, Pandit Shankar Ghosh of Farukhhabad gharānā (schools or traditions), one of the six recognized gharānās of tabla.

Featured Artist – Ruang Antho

Have fun with Zakumi papertoy


Papercraft, also called paper models or card models, is a form of crafting in which sheets of heavy paper, paperboard, or card stock are used to create three dimensional objects such as designer toys, models or sculptures. Some people refer to papercraft as pepakura, in an homage to the large Japanese papercrafting community.

Featured Artist – Melody Lea Lamb

Original art and miniature paintings

Melody Lea Lamb

Melody’s original art features miniature paintings and drawings that measure 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches (ACEOs) of whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures. She works mainly in colored pencil, India ink and some white acrylic.

Featured Artist – Tom Cloverfield

Composer, Artist, Producer

Tom Cloverfield

If I am to feature a musician on my blog this weekend from amongst my friends on twitter, one name that immediately comes to my mind is Tom Cloverfield, a composer, artist, producer – all in one without doubt. A versatile musician with many tracks, albums and videos easily available all over the net.

Featured Artist – Jack Stevens

Get Jack Stevens on KISS Tour!


I am a follower on twitter of Jack Stevens, a hard rock artist with a CD just out on May 18, 2010. I love his rich voice, and his band rocks! The name of his band is his name, JACK STEVENS. If you are also a fan of Jack Stevens Rocks then here is an opportunity to get your favourite band on the KISS tour.

Featured Artist – Baby J

Encourage a fresh talented singer

Baby J

In my blog I occasionally feature successful or up-and-coming creative people like artists, singers and musicians whom I have met on twitter. This week I met a young and talented singer Baby J from Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Featured Artist – Fahassani

Mother's Day piano improvisation by Fahassani


People celebrate Mother’s Day in many different ways on many different dates. One of my friends on twitter, Fahassani from Morocco, improvised a piano recital, uploaded the video on YouTube, and dedicated the video to people, family, friends and communities on Mother’s Day.