Tweet, twitter, Tweeter – Earn while you tweet! Part 1

You enjoy tweeting, and having a huge following on twitter! Why not make a little extra cash at the same time? Earn while you Tweet! There are plenty of ways to earn money on the popular micro-blogging platform twitter. Twivert, an ad network built for twitter, is one of them.

Twivert offers a monetizing opportunity for quality twitter users.
Sign up today and enjoy $5 as signup bonus.

How twivert works?

Twivert refers to twitter users as twitterers. You may sign up for a new twivert account as an advertiser or as a twitterer.

Twivert for twitterers

You are provided with ‘value ads’ that you can start displaying through twitter. For every CPF (Cost per follower) ad tweet being published, your account will be credited with cash depending on your follower count. So more the followers more you can earn. Twivert also offers CPC (Cost per click) ads where they provide you with a link and for every genuine click on the link you get paid.

Auto tweeting is a feature where appropriate ad tweets are automatically posted at certain intervals of time on your behalf into your timeline.

On the other hand you may choose to disable auto-tweeting, in which case you’ll have the control of reviewing and posting ads that are appropriate to you.

You control the number of tweets being published, and the maximum number of ads posted per day depends on number of followers you have. This prevents the user’s timeline from being flooded with ads.

You select the time slots when you want the ads to be displayed.

You can track your earnings and tweets. Once you earn $30 you can request a payout by PayPal!

If you don’t have an account, sign up for your FREE PayPal Account

How to promote twivert?

If you feel that service provided by twivert will be useful to some of the people you know, you may invite them to twivert website, the people you invite are your referrals. Promotional tweets are sent to your followers from your account inviting them to join twivert. You can disable/enable promotional tweets.

The tweets sent for referrals scheme do not count for impressions. Instead you are paid when your referral is successful.

Amount earned for successful referrals

For referring Advertisers:
Your account will be credited with $5 when the advertiser signs up and spends the first $30.

For referring Twitterers:
Your account will be credited with $5 when the twitterer pays out the first $30 that he has earnt.

Twivert for advertisers

Advertise your services on twitter through Twivert and reach millions of twitter users. Start your CPC campaigns today for as low as 5 cents per click, and get 25% cash back. Advertisers have the flexibility of targeting their ads at specific countries.


On the whole, using twivert advertisers can start up CPC campaigns while twitterers can display ads as part of their updates. Don’t expect to get rich quick. There are many such websites that will pay you for your tweets. If you join all of them, you are going to dilute your chances, and your own promotions may suffer. But by joining one or two, there is a sense of belonging to whatever is happening on twitter.

This article will continue with more earning opportunities on twitter. Twivert is not affiliated with twitter.

Subrato PaulAuthor: Subrato Paul lives in Kolkata, India. He’s the owner of GoldenTwine Informatics, which he founded in 2003. He is a website designer, Internet marketer, and provides social networking and bookmarking services. He writes in his official blog and as a guest writer about Internet trends, computer issues, online marketing, website design and development, and his website…

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Admin/Author Admin/Author: Subrato Paul, owner of GoldenTwine Informatics founded in April 2003, lives in Kolkata, India. He is a freelance website designer, Internet marketer, social media enthusiast, and blogger. He writes in his blogs and as a guest writer about marketing and social media, eCommerce, website design and development, and his website.
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