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There are host of conversation tracking services available. Many tools exist that will help you thread an entire conversation. But at times you simply would like to know the context in which a reply was made. You don’t need to thread the entire conversation. Twitter enables you to thread your conversation easily but you ignore due to lack of knowledge. Here is the simple tip if you are not aware of it.

I bring you this article on a special request for a video from a special friend Casey Peacock (@caseypea). But I also use my conversation with Casey to illustrate how you could thread it manually.

When you tweet in general, your message may only get read on all your friends timeline, may get retweeted by someone who likes it, and sometimes you may even get a response to it. Someone may even favourite your message. Twitter provides you with tools to do all these, you have seen those tiny buttons on the right side of a message.

You also tweet on your timeline (instead of sending a private DM) addressing one of your friends (starting the message with @username of your friend) either to convey a message or initiate a discussion, or to just mention and recommend. In fact, a tweet starting with @username is interpreted by twitter as a reply to that user.

One big mistake is when you mention or recommend a group of friends like this:

@username1, @username2, @username3, … – some message, say #FollowFriday –

Twitter treats it as a reply to @username1, and would appear only on his home page, and not others’. I shall cover this issue in another article in details as I want to discuss only conversation threading here. Nevertheless, the correct way to send a message to a group is not to start with @:

– some message, say #FollowFriday – @username1, @username2, @username3… – some more message –

In this article I shall give you a very simple but useful tip – how to know the context in which someone replied to you, and if needed, how to thread the entire conversation manually.

Someone may not reply to your tweet immediately. I face this problem while tweeting with friends from the American continents because the time zones could be just opposite. Moreover, you may have initiated discussions with different friends on different topics.

So a reply could be confusing to you as you may have forgotten the context in which the discussion was iniitated. I am being asked so many times to clarify my reply.

One of my friends, Vikas Sood (@viikassood), doesn’t always use the reply button. Rather he repeats my message in whole or part along with his reply. Here is an example of his replies to my latest messages which are embedded in his.

His reply (not using the reply button) to my first message which is appended:

Ty Sir. Dont C u much here @goldenTwine: #FollowFriday @viikassood My blog #FF .. (via @ffhelper)
10:49 PM Jul 9 via TweetDeck

And his second reply the same way:

Hope all is very good there… RT @goldenTwine: @viikassood Yes, certain issues keeping me busy.
11:08 PM Jul 9 via TweetDeck

This way the context of discussion is clear, but you are having even less space to reply back.

You need not get confused the next time, and there is no need to append a part of message you are replying to. There is a very simple clue that I am going to illustrate with a series of tweets I exchanged with Casey since Saturday.

I shall put the most recent tweet first so that you understand the confusion angle.

My latest tweet to Casey in this series was:

@caseypea Yes, there is a video, I shall give you link to my weekend video post tomorrow. I hope you would like it.
less than 10 seconds ago via web in reply to caseypea

There is a possibility that when Casey reads this message he may wonder what video I am referring to.

You will see a twitter note in grey text directly below the message. It has 3 componenets. First the timestamp, second the channel used to tweet, and most important, the third part threads to the message replied to.

So if you are confused, just click this third component, and twitter will display back your message to which you have received this reply.

You keep on clicking this link on each message, and the entire discussion would be in front of you removing all your confusions. To understand the discussion, you must read the messages in the reverse order (the last one first). See it for yourself:

@goldenTwine OK. I Will. Do U have a video on how to get going with it? Also… is it safe with twitter?
about 34 minutes ago via web from Marysville, WA in reply to goldenTwine
@caseypea I also do manually #FF recommendations, but automation helps when you are too busy and short of time, keep it as alternative
about 15 hours ago via web in reply to caseypea

Twitter  Conversation

@goldenTwine #Thanks 4 The Link Looked it over & will look some more. I do like doing Twitter things manually #FF
about 23 hours ago via web from Marysville, WA in reply to goldenTwine

Twitter  Conversation

#FollowFriday @caseypea My blog #FF Pls write comments (via @ffhelper)
10:42 PM Jul 9 via #FollowFriday Helper

Bottom Line

We ignore small things that add to our confusion. there is no need to say, you will get the thread only if you are using the reply button. Rule of thumb is twitter will help you if you follow twitter’s guidelines.

I hope this tip will help you. I shall give you more and more tips about using twitter efficiently. You make the habit of visiting our blog to read interesting and useful articles. Please, do give us your valuable feedback.

Yes of course before I end this post here is a video tutorial about FollowFriday Helper that Casey requested for.

I am thankful to Dragon Blogger who created this beautiful video, and uploaded on YouTube. Here is the link to Dragon Blogger’s blog post where this video is embedded:

Find FollowFriday Recommendations on Twitter.

Follow Friday Helper Demonstration

If you missed out, please read my articles about Follow Friday Recommendations:

Automated FollowFriday Recommendations
Follow Friday Helper helps you do your weekly recommendations

Automated FollowFriday Tweets
Follow Friday helps you to endorse your friends on Fridays

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  1. Thank you for expounding on this. Found a link to your article that dragonblogger posted.

  2. Hi Paul, Thank-you very much for the article. Like draggonblogger, I was also confused about the part you say "Twitter treats it as a reply to @username1, and would appear only on his home page, and not others’.". But it makes sense to me now because the Twitter "Home" page is the timeline for the people you follow. That tweet will show up in the "Tweets mentioning @" timeline for all the @Mentions.

    Another interesting thing about clicking on the tweets' thread (third part at bottom next to the timestamp) is you can make links to that particular tweet. Highlight the URL in the address bar and copy and paste it. I like shortening it using Then you can post links to your individual tweets. This has come in handy for me on several occasions.

    Thanks Again,
    -Casey Peacock

    • Thanks for your feedback!
      The subtle difference between @reply and mention is so important that I have published another post about Reply, Mention and DM.
      I shall give you the link on twitter, please read that, and share your feedback.

  3. Thanks for including my FollowFriday Demonstration on your site, One thing about the multiple @ replies in the beginning of the tweet. I suspected that the 2nd or 3rd person in something like "@BlazingMinds @Ditesco @Jan_Geronimo thanks for playing the poetry game" But in my own testing I deliberately sent tweets out like that asking each person to confirm they saw the tweet in their "mentions" column and they all did. So my own testing seemed to confirm that everyone with @reply in the Tweet receives them even if tweets begin with @reply. It is only D Username tweets (direct messages) that go to the specific DM person only. Again, this was my own testing, and I specifically tested this.

    • Thanks for visiting my blog, and giving your feedback.
      Whenever a @username is mentioned in any tweet (not DM or RT by retweet button) they will appear on your @username search.
      I said they won't appear on user2, user 3… home pages, and so their followers would miss out your tweet.
      Its better to put a small phrase, like TY, #FF before the @username list so that its treated as a message, and not a reply.
      I am gathering live tweets how people make mistakes while tweeting, and when I post that article about common mistakes tweeples commit, I would love to give you a link for your valued feedback.
      Multiple replies in a single tweet is not acceptable to twitter for a simple reason that they can't be threaded. You can't say that this tweet is in reply to @x, @y, @z.
      goldenTwine is a user name but @goldenTwine means reply to user name goldenTwine.

      • Ah, I mistook what you said, you meant their homepages not their mention windows. I didn't think if you included an @username in your tweet that your tweet show up on their "homepages". Since their "home feed" is just the people they are following. A followers followers won't see your tweet at all unless they are also following you no?

      • I just tested this "@Ileane @dragonblogger @technotree @rockalong can you see this tweet in your home feed or only reply column?" and I manage the dragonblogger, technotree and rockalong accounts. In all cases I am able to see the tweet in my "home feed" on Hootsuite or All Friends" feed on Tweetdeck from all three of those accounts, plus see the tweet in the mentions column.

        • Thanks for your valuable feedbacks.
          I have tested with my 2 twitter accounts opening them on 2 separate browsers (google chrome and opera) to avoid any clash.
          I am right what I have mentioned in this article.
          Your valuable interaction prompts me to write 'Twitter Reply Made Easy Part 2' and I am going to publish it today as it's an important topic.
          Please, get back tomorrow and share your feedback.Thanks for visiting my blog, and giving your feedback.

  4. very interesting explanation about how to manage dealing with twitter , it is true we are tweeting but i 'm sure most of us don't know about those details which can help a lot every one !
    thanks a lot Paul 🙂

    • Thanks, I am planning to write a series of articles on small issues like this one. We often delve into big things and ignore small matters which could make our life easier.

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