Wholetones Chroma

Experience and enjoy sample of Wholetones Chroma for free.

Wholetones Chroma

Wholetones Chroma — Healing Frequency Music Project

Experience Sample of Wholetones Chroma

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could push a magic peace button and greatly reduce the stress, pain and chaos in our life?

It feels like we are being bombarded constantly from every direction.

Whether it’s an overdue bill, screaming kids, pressure at work, the continual stream of BAD news from the media, traffic, or a myriad of other sources… stress is everywhere, and it’s only getting worse.

Too much stress leads to depression, disease, disharmonious relationships and debt.

Thankfully, I have some GOOD news for you today that can help greatly relieve your stress, anxiety and many other problems, almost like magic!

My good friend Michael Tyrrell is an innovative, creative genius.

I have been listening to his healing frequency music for awhile now, and it really helps me relax and focus, taking my stress levels down to a minimum. It also helps me fall asleep quickly at night.

It’s one of my secret weapons that has really made a huge positive difference in my life.

Well, the other day he shared with me a new technology that has me even more mesmerized.

Michael outdid himself by creating something he calls Wholetones Chroma, which combines his innovative and soothing music with chromotherapy, also called light therapy.

Wholetones Chroma

Experience and enjoy sample of Wholetones Chroma for free.

Experience Sample of Wholetones Chroma

Doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and other natural healers are raving about it because it’s so simple, yet effective, and the cool thing is, anyone can use it, simply by pushing the play button!

If you click below, you can watch my passionate friend Michael tell you more about this, and you can hear what some leading health experts have to say about it.

Cosmetic dermatologist and laser specialist, Dr Shino Bay Aguilera, says Michael’s unique combination of sound and light positively affects ALL living cells and tissue. He uses it every day to promote healing in his patients at his Miami clinic.

Jordan Rubin, author of The Maker’s Diet and founder of Beyond Organic (and Garden of Life), is using this new innovative technology to grow plants and herbs in his greenhouse, and is seeing a 40-60% increase in nutrient yield and growth!

I really want you to watch Michael’s free video so you can learn more about Wholetones Chroma, and how you can get all of his music downloads for free, as well as a free copy of his book, The Sound of Healing.

I believe his book should be on everyone’s nightstand, his music should be in everyone’s home, and Wholetones Chroma should be on every TV!

FREE Wholetones Chroma Video Presentation
Click here now to watch this video about Wholetones Chroma. See and hear for yourself how beautiful and amazing this really is!

Free Wholetones Chroma Video Presentation

You don’t need to be suffering from all the stress triggers that surround you. Today you can let the beautiful music of Wholetones bring peace and healing to your life.

Buy Now - Start enjoying Wholetones Chroma in your home
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Music is the universal language of mankind.

Wholetones, Inc. is the world leader in healing frequency music-based entertainment, distributing recorded music, merchandise, and audiovisual content across the globe. Featuring the inspired instrumentals of award winning artist Michael S Tyrrell, Wholetones is committed to fostering peace, joy, and well-being through musical innovation and fresh experiences for fans.

Visit our website to learn more about Wholetones

Online Shopping — Wholetones

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