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GoldenTwine Informatics — Testimonials


    Chuck Jones Golden Twine web design is the best for your money!

    I am so fortunate that Subrato invited me to look at http://www.goldentwine.com/! He is truly an expert in web design. I accepted the small business web design and I really got my $$$ worth! Excellent service, Professional Design, Wonderful to work with, very fair priced. Check out http://www.StripePro.com/ Thank you so much! I will certainly be using your services in the near future.

    Chuck Jones, AAA Stripe Pro of Knoxville, TN (client) (on LinkedIn on February 14, 2011)
    AAA Stripe Pro hired Subrato as a Graphic/Web Designer in 2011, and hired him more than once.
    www.StripePro.com | LinkedIn : Chuck Jones | Twitter : @AAA_Stripe_Pro

    www.GoldenTwine.com is a wonderful web designer. Subrato Paul is very knowledgeable, creative, intuitive and very affordable! I will certainly be using their services soon!
    Chuck Jones, AAA Stripe Pro of Knoxville, TN (client) (on LinkedIn on Sep 26, 2011)
    AAA Stripe Pro hired Subrato as a Writer/Editor in 2011.
    LinkedIn : Chuck Jones

  • I have seen Subrato's work on his blog as well as on his client's sites. He is a passionate web designer, who continuously experiments with some basic changes in his site to make it better. So I would recommend him for your web design/developmental jobs.
    Mani Viswanathan, Founder Owner/CEO, DailyBlogging (on Social Media Directory on Dec 13, 2010)
    http://www.dailyblogging.org | Twitter : @tospost

    I have seen some of his works & I have to say Subrato takes a lot of interest in web designing.
    Mani Viswanathan, Founder Owner/CEO, DailyBlogging (on LinkedIn on May 23, 2011)
    LinkedIn : Mani Viswanathan

    I am proud to be in the position to call Subarato a Business Associate and friend. He is very knowledgeable in IT, Social Media and design and has an outstanding feeling for commerce and internet marketing.
    Go for his extra knowledge, he is an expert.
    Subrato Paul is very precise with eye for details, if You need a web designer You need Subrato.
    Themelis Cuiper, The Social Media Marketing Expert, Directeur, AdSocialMedia (on LinkedIn on May 25, 2011)
    LinkedIn : Themelis Cuiper

  • Subrato Paul is a great web desinger, who has helped me a lot. He is a great blogger too. He has featured my work in his blog and many other musicians as well.
    I hope he will keep doing this great work. All the best to him for a great future. Regards,
    Sourabh Goho
    Featured Artist – Sourabh Goho

    very nice. not overdone like most designs i see. easy navigation, logical flow...very professional
    Kirk Johnson (on Facebook)
    Facebook : kdjo66

  • What a great looking web site!
    Tracy Lay (on Facebook)
    Facebook : tracy.lay2

  • While I do not have that much familiarity with GoldenTwine.com, I am sure it is a great & useful site as it is built under the guidance of Subrato Paul. I have been in touch with Subrato for over a year on Twitter. He is one of the best people I have met on Twitter and I wish him and GoldenTwine.com a lot of success.
    Shyam Kapur (on Social Media Directory on Dec 16, 2010)
    http://feeltiptop.com/ | Twitter : @shyamkapur

    Paul is a good man. He has integrity. Anytime you can have dealings with a good man, it is beneficial. I consider him a friend.
    Jen Ward (on Social Media Directory on Dec 14, 2010)
    http://www.jenuinehealing.com | Twitter : @jenuinehealing

    I come by to his site in sometimes. There are good post. See for your self, look for an article, read the blog page you may find what your looking for.... even better sand him a FEEDBACK !
    Guest (on Social Media Directory on Dec 18, 2010)

  • Super Site, Great Owner!
    How nice to find a site so filled with true 'content', links, shopping, web education and more! What a great find! The only problem I can see is that I'll be spending lots of time exploring the many, many features Goldentwine has to offer. Many thanks to Subrato Paul for producing such nice work!
    Russell Ray, United States

    One Super Shopping Mall!
    My visit to GoldenTwine.com left me looking no further. I found so many quality places to shop, I had to visit several just to see what they had to offer and compare prices. This site is like a GIANT shopping mall and it doesn't stop there. There are educational things and even places to get web sites made. So many things of interest I could not see it all in one visit. I will be returning again frequently.
    Thomas McKee, US

    Goldmine for net surfers!
    A truly family site targeting all generations for the best bargains they can get. My kids enjoy the free cartoons & fun games. One of my friends has got in touch with a long lost contact after ages thru goldentwine. Wishing them and their users a goldmine of success.
    Legacy Review

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GoldenTwine Informatics — Endorsements from Esteemed Friends on Social Media (alphabetically since 1/1/2010)

  • For #WebDesigner #Blogger #Marketing help, contact @goldenTwine @SMDirectory - SocialMediaDirectory.org/GoldenTwine-Informatics
    10K 4Me 2 Follow U ★ - @10K4Me

    @goldenTwine Subrato you are a genius at web design.thank you for all your hard work and dedication.I am very impressed with your work!
    Chuck__Jones - @AAA_Stripe_Pro

    SIGAM HOJE>> @goldentwinecom, AMANH� SIGAM>> @goldentwinecom DEPOIS SIGAM>> @goldentwinecom TODOS OS DIAS SIGAM>> @goldentwinecom
    Adail Soares - @AdailSoares

    @GoldenTwine: Marketing, Services, Shopping, Entertainment, Indian Sites. http://bit.ly/16UBZ0
    Neno Crvelin - @affiliantes

    Recommended @goldentwinecom:'he is always quick in giving a mention, Rt or #follow' http://bit.ly/9k6ZsO #mrtweet
    Anna Rich - @anna_rich

  • ★★★ Nice guy to follow --> @goldenTwine #ff #sledui
    Rubensfee Melissa - @bbw_escort_xxl

    @goldentwinecom Thank you dear Paul, you are such a wonderful person:-)
    Inez Blake - @blakki

    Looking good @AAA_Stripe_Pro http://ow.ly/3Q7w0 wow @goldenTwine IS world class web design ! #UK #TX #LA #MN #IL #CO #SD #ND
    Chuck__Jones - @Bobcat2222

    Special Discounts on Small Business Web Design @goldenTwine http://ow.ly/3GXAD #knoxville #tennessee #ny #tx #pa #ak #co
    Chuck__Jones - @Business__Tweet

  • A Great #Twitter Article by @goldenTwine about the Reply, Mention & DM >>> http://tinyurl.com/2763xvh <<< #TerrificThursday #Marketing #tech
    Casey Peacock - @caseypea

    @goldenTwine •*�*•.�♥ αиσтнєя ιиριяιиg αиgєℓ 2 fσℓℓσω (。♥‿♥。)
    Dr Kate Riordan - @cathorio

    @goldenTwine Thats awesome article about group mentions :]
    Rahul - @CGmagia

    Please ♥ƒ๏ℓℓ๏ω♥.•*�*•☞ my friend Subrato at @goldentwine He's a great supporter on #twitter! Visit His Site: http://www.goldentwine.com/
    Charles Slang - @CharlieSlang

    Charles Slang
    ♬ Rock Singer/Songwriter ✍ ♫♭♬♩♪ #Musician ♫♭♬♩♪ ☼Photographer☯ ☮Progressive☮ Making Hit Songs In My Studio
    Read more »

    #FF to @moondustwriter and @goldenTwine can't forget these awesome tweeple :)
    Lindsey Hebel - @childcareteach

    I count on @goldenTwine for my small business web design @goldenTwine http://ow.ly/3GXJv #knoxville #tn #ny #tx #pa #ak #co

    GoldenTwine designed http://www.StripePro.com/ I am delighted with the website and the price that I paid for it. Thank you so much Subrato
    Chuck Jones - Chuck Jones (on Branchout on Jun 22, 2011)

    I just viewed @AAA_Stripe_Pro http://ow.ly/3Q7w0 and wow @goldenTwine IS world class web design ! #AR #WA #TX #CA #TX
    Chuck Jones - @AAA_Stripe_Pro

  • Davies
    ♦There are beautiful days filled with joy. You make them even more lovely. @goldenTwine You are a blessing! XO, Jessica de la Davies ♦
    Jessica de la Davies - @DaviesWriter | @DaviesBooks

    Jessica de la Davies
    Award Winning Writer of Slippery When Wet!-a CHEEKY title for a SAUCY book. Mom, Eco, Tech, Music, Film, Art-My hobby is lint! #Follow=Follow/Unfollow=Unfollow
    Read more »

    @goldenTwine You have taught me something new, I was using multiple replies in tweets that way for more than 18 months now every day
    Justin Germino - @dragonblogger

  • Good Afternoon.. How have you been? Long time..LIsting you in 'TweetConnoisseur' List.. Gr8 Content~Gr8 Timeline! @goldenTwine
    Eric Halsey - @Eric_Halsey

    Please follow my dear friend --->>>@goldentwinecom id awesome! :) have nice saturday
    Erika D. G. M. - @ErikaMurillo

    @goldenTwine My pleasure! You are an able and experienced instructor for many people including me.
    Kazuko M - @EstherHawdon

    Estherhawdon's Blog
    My name is Kazuko Miyagawa. I teach English at Kobe University. I am also engaged in translation to introduce foreign culture to japan.
    I study English literature, especially Victorian novelists such as Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Wilkie Collins as well as modern novelists such as Margaret Drabble, A.S. Byatt, etc.
    Read more »

    This tweet is all dedicated to ♥♥♥♥ @goldenTwine ♥♥♥♥ A True Friend since #TwitterStart Sending #LOVE & #GRATITUDE2U Love ♥ Ezih
    My Nickname is ME - @EzihALLINONE

  • @goldenTwine Loving You Subrato Thanking You
    Jessica Brant - @FindingOnesWay

  • great perspective on 'TipTop -Twitter Conversation Search Engine' from @GoldenTwine's blog at http://ftt.nu/xreku
    Greg Martin - @gregomyleggo

  • @goldenTwine I liked your blog post , I'm struggling to write a blog post, so I appreciate people who writes blogs and express something
    HARI B NAIR - @haribnair

    #FF @goldenTwine Entrepreneur, website designer and developer... and much more >>> http://www.GoldenTwine.com
    Heleny Galati - @helenyg

    olhar para algo menos esta noite chata. o web design � por @goldenTwine http://www.stripepro.com/product.htm stencils por @AAA_Stripe_Pro
    Chuck__Jones - @Hit_Twit

    ~ @goldenTwine is World Class in #Web Design ~ #knoxville http://bit.ly/98AntA @AAA_Stripe_Pro www.StripePro.com #IL #MN #DE
    Chuck__Jones - @HouseFlip

  • Congrats u made the top 20 @ ihtmi.com @twittenha @blogotheque @GoldenTwine @RenataAlvesBH @genievacase @henriquelazo @USRealityCheck

    ~ @goldenTwine is World Class in #Web Design ~ #knoxville http://bit.ly/98AntA @AAA_Stripe_Pro www.StripePro.com #IL #MN #DE
    Chuck__Jones - @InsureComm

  • @goldenTwine A Featured Banner Ad on Golden Twine got me a sale with a commission of $77.83 on April 5th. - It's true!
    Thomas Bergel - @jackson1250

    @goldenTwine �You r the best! Thank you!

    @goldenTwine thanks so much my friend! truly you r amazing!:)
    Jack Stevens - @Jackstevenrocks

    Featured Artist – Jack Stevens
    I am a follower on twitter of Jack Stevens, a hard rock artist with a CD just out on May 18, 2010. I love his rich voice, and his band rocks! The name of his band is his name, JACK STEVENS. If you are also a fan of Jack Stevens Rocks then here is an opportunity to get your favourite band on the KISS tour.
    Read more »


    Jenuine Ward - @jenuinehealing

    Jenuine Ward
    Please check out my book about Living in Gratitude while surviving on Miracles. Foreword by Mariel Hemingway.
    Read more »

  • @goldenTwine †ђąηk ўσυ‎ sooo much. ўσυ are a blessing here in this community ❤ ★
    Karl Detken ProDJ - @KarlDetkenProDJ

    @goldenTwine Founder GoldenTwine Informatics, Internet marketing, social media, web developer and designer http://www.goldentwine.com
    KeSimpulan - @KeSimpulan

    My fave web design is @goldenTwine http://ow.ly/3Hmb6 #ny #nh #ut #ar
    Movers in Knoxville - @Knoxville_Mover

  • @goldenTwine Excellent post. Have RTd for you. Didn't realise that Twitter have created a mini-site just for the #worldcup. Brilliant!
    Networking-To-A-Plan - @LesleyDewar1

    RT @goldenTwine Pls read this article about #FollowFriday Helper | GoldenTwine Blog http://bit.ly/aX5UD8 Works great!
    Linda Thieman - @LindaThieman

  • @goldenTwine Thanks for the 'Follow' mention! Happy to be your friend
    Martin Garza - @MartinGarza

    @goldenTwine I m just amazed to read ur profile...
    PRAKASH KUMAR - @mcoolpk


    Melody Lea Lamb - @MelodyLeaLamb

    Featured Artist – Melody Lea Lamb
    Melody's original art features miniature paintings and drawings that measure 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches (ACEOs) of whimsical animals, fantasy beings and woodland creatures. She works mainly in colored pencil, India ink and some white acrylic.
    Read more »

    always a great #FF @goldenTwine *smiles for your day*
    Leslie Moon - @moondustwriter

  • Excellent article! I posted comment. TY 4 sharing @goldenTwineGoldenTwine Blog http://bit.ly/aX5UD8
    ODella Wilson - @odellawilson

    @goldenTwine it will be a pleasure to me to leave a comment on your blog ,that ,will add to me a lot ! ((*__*))
    Fatin Khawarizmi - @oooooozoooooone

    Fatin Khawarizmi
    A woman motivated by passion and love to do what is right with strong decision. She lives her life to plant trees or what ever is green that helps this earth and what is living on it. A writer that writes to make it clear throw Poem, a book or as simple as a blog article.
    Read more »

    #FollowFriday favs! -->@goldentwinecom Great blogging with you!
    Organic Guru - @organicguru

  • Chuck
    My fave web design is @goldenTwine http://ow.ly/3Hmn9 #ny #nh #ut #ar
    Chuck__Jones - @People__Tweet

    AAA Stripe Pro
    AAA Stripe Pro of Knoxville, Tennessee (865) 680-9225 Parking lot Striping, Seal coating, and Full Line of Custom Parking Stencils! Fire Lane / No Parking, Bicycle Lane Pavement Stencil, Motorcycle Parking Stencil, Letter & Numeric Stencils and Stencilling.
    Read more »

    @goldenTwine always please to assist where people publish good things.
    Peter B. Giblett - @pgiblett

    *A wonderful friend of mine and loyal twitter supporter! You`re gonna love @goldenTwine Informatics Blog as much as I do! EXPLORE &
    Carol Potter - @PippinPotter11

    Carol Potter
    The best gift one human being can possibly give to another human being,is the gift of TIME. I love the little things in life & am grateful for them.

  • Subrato is the type of person you can always count on. Strong work ethic and solid values.
    Robert Broersma - Facebook Profile (on Branchout on Jun 19, 2011)

    ~ @goldenTwine is World Class in #Web Design ~ #knoxville http://bit.ly/98AntA @AAA_Stripe_Pro www.StripePro.com #AL #NY #DC #WY #VT
    Chuck__Jones - @RealTweet_

  • Shyam
    Revisiting 'TipTop - Twitter Conversation Search Engine | GoldenTwine Blog' http://ftt.nu/WBanG Another good blog post from @GoldenTwine
    Shyam Kapur - @shyamkapur

    TipTop – Twitter Conversation Search Engine
    There are many cool online twitter search and discovery tools. TipTop, an innovative twitter conversation search engine, is one of them. TipTop searches and discovers useful tips around twitter and displays sentiments of what people are talking about into two main categories, ‘Tips’ or ‘piTs’. ‘Tips’ are positive sentiments where as ‘piTs’ are mainly negative content, nevertheless equally useful.
    Read more »

    @goldentwinecom i saw ur website! its really awesome

    please follow my twitter helper as well as mentor @goldentwinecom! he helped me learn a lot about twitter! he'll help u also and follow back
    Srinjoy Sen - @Srinjoy

  • Xlent person to follow @goldenTwine
    tom romano - @tjr211

    following highly recommended #ff #followeveryday my timeline jewel @goldenTwine
    Cloverfield - @TOMCLOVERFIELD

    Featured Artist – Tom Cloverfield
    If I am to feature a musician on my blog this weekend from amongst my friends on twitter, one name that immediately comes to my mind is Tom Cloverfield, a composer, artist, producer - all in one without doubt. A versatile musician with many tracks, albums and videos easily available all over the net.
    Read more »

    @goldenTwine you are currently #3 at TopFollowFriday.com ... track your #followfriday rank! Who is endorsing you? http://ow.ly/FV3
    Top Follow Friday - @topfollowfriday

    Subrato Paul, @goldentwine�is now trending in�#Knoxvillehttp://trendsmap.com/us/knoxville [2 May, 2011]
    Trendsmap Knoxville - @TrendsKnoxvl

  • @goldenTwine Subrato Paul ji, Good day! myself really impressed with your Golden Twine WS and Blog, my search for online Guru ends here tks
    M. Singh - @VieuBestAds

    1 of my Initial twitter buddy & Guide. Plz follow @goldenTwine:
    Vikas Sood - @viikassood

  • 2010 Commonwealth Games Medal Table goldentwine.com/blog/2010-comm… via @goldenTwine
    iSantanu Chatterjee - @whatanews4u

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