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Weekend Video Post – Hidden Tattoos of Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin has done a NUDE promotioanl video for his comeback tour, ‘Black & White’. Puerto Rican superstar, since coming out as gay, is showing the world some very intimate parts of his body – his digital tattoos.

Weekend Video Post – Best Video of the Year?

The DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards are presented by See3 Communications and YouTube, with support from the Case Foundation, Flip Video, and the Nonprofit Technology Network. This year, the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards received over 750 video submissions from more than 450 nonprofit organizations in 4 countries.

How to Make Money with Your Blog

Most people that start a blog would like it to turn profitable at some point, but how does it happen? WebProNews recently spoke with blogging legend Darren Rowse of ProBlogger about what bloggers can do to make money.

ContentMixi – Market Place for Digital Products is a market place for digital content. Companies as well as individual free lancers can upload their web templates, eBooks, content articles, logos and other digital products at ContentMixi and start earning money. ContentMixi is marketed aggressively via different marketing channels and also by a large network of affiliates.

Social Bookmarking Tool

Sharing your blog on WordPress[dot]com

Social Bookmarking Tool

There are ways to get Social Bookmarking buttons in your posts easily even on wordpress[dot]com blogs. You have to put the links manually under each post using GetSocial which is absolutely free social bookmarking tool made especially for WordPress[dot]com bloggers. It automatically generates script less social bookmarking buttons for each one of your posts.

Blogging : Things to Remember when setting up Business Blogs

The term blog is a shortened word of weblog. Basically, it is a journal that is available on the net. It is a hierarchy of wording, images, media things and data set chronologically that can be viewed in an HTML browser. Then, the method of authoring a blog, maintaining and accumulation an article to an existing blog is recognized as blogging. In the marketing industry, […]

Welcome to Our Blog!

GoldenTwine Blog

GoldenTwine Blog News – Welcome Thanks for visiting our blog! We have launched rather pretty late on September 27, 2009. Especially if you love great free stuff and real bargains, this is going to be your favourite destination for all the info. We will keep you up to date with online shopping promotions, freebies and real bargains, Internet trends, ongoing computer issues, and our website… […]