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That allows all its users to know who of their friends are unfaithful

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The popularity of Facebook is based on friends with whom you share news and views. It may upset you to know that now you have one fewer friend! Facebook doesn’t help you to know who unfriended you.

I have seen in many forums people enquiring about a way to know who have unfriended them on Facebook.

Though I respect an old friend’s decision to unfriend me yet I have three reasons to know that person:

Firstly to avoid embarassment of inviting the same person as a friend again who may have unfriended me.

Secondly, if someone who unfriended me sends me a fresh friend request, I may remind him politely to make sure he wants a lasting friendship. Make friend one day, unfriend later, and once again send a friend request doesn’t make sense to me.

Thirdly to know who may have declined or ignored my friend request to avoid sending any future request.

If you agree with me then you may also install a simple script called Unfriend Finder that will let you know which one of your friends have unfriended you. After installing it, the script notifies you about your unfriends, and pending, ignored or accepted friend requests.

Please Note:
This script can not tell you which profile(s) had you on their friendlist before it was installed. Unfriend Finder is not retroactive.
To enjoy this script, you can use your favorite browser among Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.
Unfriend Finder
Unfriends are people who were previously your friend but have either deactivated their account or have removed you from their friendlist.

Unfriend Finder will tell you which friends have removed you, who have deactivated their accounts, people you have requested friendship with and who have declined your friend request. Unfriend Finder uses Facebook notifications to alert you on these events.

Whether you use Facebook regularly, or just login from time-to-time to check what your friends are up to, we’re certain Unfriend Finder will become a part of your Facebook daily, weekly or even monthly activities.
Menubar Link

Follow the installation tips for the browser you use. Once installed, the script is fully functional, a link appears in the menubar that will help you to access your Unfriends list wherever you are, and you might want to change some settings.

You usually start with 0 Unfriend, this number may increase over time as you may have some unfriends.

Once you have installed Unfriend Finder, You may take a tour to know how to use the features of Unfriend Finder.

A red counter in the menubar link shows you the amount of new or total unfriends you currently have.

When someone removes you or deactivates its account, you’ll be able to know easily with notifications. Unfriend Finder also use Facebook “Beepers” to alert you about Unfriends or Friend Request Accepted.

Notifications and Beeper

You will also be able to know which one who have not yet accepted your friends request. Facebook let you know who you accept friend request, but not those who cancel them. Unfriend Finder will alert you when someone cancels your request, and when someone confirms it.

Awaiting Requests

Finally, the script perfectly fit into Facebook. Click the menubar link and you will access new lists provided by the script: the unfriends and pending requests.

Enjoy using Unfriend Finder!

But if you become too depressed seeing too many unfriends, you can disable notifications, or even uninstall the script!

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Unfriend Finder
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Unfriend Finder is a Facebook userscript that allows all its users to know who of their friends are unfaithful.
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    • I think it's a useful script, especially for those who are more active on Facebook. perhaps many users of Facebook are still not aware of Unfriend Finder.

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