Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas and Holiday Cheer

Get your ugly, tacky, silly, and hilarious holiday sweaters at a discount.

Funny Gag Gifts for Christmas and Holiday Cheer

Online Shopping — Christmas Gag Gifts

Coupon — $5 Off Ugly Christmas Sweater

Coupon — Flat Rate Shipping $5.95!

Christmas is traditionally a time to give gifts to loved ones and friends as a sign of appreciation and love. You do not have to spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts. Gag Gifts
Shop for Laughs — Gag Gifts

Ugly Christmas Sweaters at

Get your Ugly, Tacky, Silly, and Hilarious Holiday Sweaters over at! You can choose from many designs including Laser Cat-Zillas, Pooping Moose, Granny Got Run Over, Toilet Santa Claus and Pole Dancing Elves. All the Sweaters are knit from 100% Cotton and will have you on Santa’s Nice list for all eternity.

Ugly Christmas Sweater are made with love – and laughter! Superb quality, exceptionally ugly, and always a hit at any Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Select from 7 different unique styles, and 5 different sizes!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters at

Toilet Santa! Ugly Christmas Sweater

The time to whip out your Holiday best is here again! This Sweater is completely Knit, just as if Grandma made each and every, tacky, stitch for you! They’re super comfortable and cheesy, the perfect combination for any and every Holiday celebration. Santa sits atop his Toilet as if you just barged into the restroom unannounced. How adorable and cute! Anything Santa does deserves to be immortalized on gift wrap, wreaths, lawn ornaments and such. Find those warm and fuzzy feelings whenever you wear this glorious Christmas gem. Let’s get Chestnuts roasting and bells jingling everywhere.

Stocking Stuffers

Stuff those stockings -and stuff them good! We have got tons of great stocking stuffers for under $10 that are sure to fill you with cheer this holiday season.

Whom to Give Gag Gifts:
The Christmas holiday season is filled with joy, so there is nothing wrong with the giving of a few joke presents to some people who won’t be offended. It’s not nice to hurt somebody’s feelings with a gag gift. Anyone with a sense of humor might enjoy receiving a gag gift in the kind spirit of fun. Don’t give a gag gift to just anyone.

$5 Off Ugly Christmas Sweater

Product: Ugly Christmas Sweater
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End Date: Dec 31, 2016

Flat Rate Shipping $5.95!


Product: Flat Rate Shipping on all orders
Deal: Flat Rate Shipping on all orders, just $5.95! Valid in Continental US Only. Good For UPS Ground Shipping.
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Start Date: Oct 25, 2012
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Online Shopping — Funny Gifts, Pranks & Gag Gifts

Funny Gifts, Pranks & Gag Gifts for All Ages!
You are fond of making people laugh, playing games and jokes on them, and addicted to shop outrageous pranks, t-shirts, practical jokes, and gag gifts. Read our hilarious articles, and find out merry making fun shopping promos.
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Online Shopping — Pranks & Gag Gifts

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