Happy Birthday Greetings 2017

Google Search, Facebook and Twitter remember your birthday.

Happy Birthday Greetings 2017

GoldenTwine Informatics News — Birthday Greetings

How Google Search Remembers your Birthday

Birthday is always an occasion of fond memories, favorite food, birthday gifts, lots of joy and family get-together. Heartfelt best wishes from relatives, friends, and contacts on the social media are received with emotions, feelings, and warmth on Birth Anniversary.

I turned 65 years on November 18, 2017. Though my presence and sharing of content on the social media are substancially come down due to various factors yet I am thankful to those whose greetings I received, especially on Facebook.

But the purpose of this blog post is three fold:

  • To thank those who remembered my birthday on the social media.
  • To let you know if you are not aware of how Google Search, Facebook and Twitter remember your birthday.
  • To share with you, how you could easily make a personalized Birthday Cake or Birthday Poster image to share while greeting someone online.

Birthday Greetings from Facebook Friends

My sincere thanks to all these friends who sent me messages and greetings. Please, follow these wonderful people on the social network (links provided). You would be happy to have them as friends.

The following friends posted on my timeline for my birthday:

Facebook Remembers your Birthday

Subrato’s Birthday Video!

We hope that you had a great birthday, Subrato!
Here’s a video we’ve made for you with some birthday posts from your friends.

Google Search Remembers your Birthday

Google Doodle on User’s Home Page on Birthday

On your birthday, when you open your browser, Google displays an animated Birthday doodle. If you mouse over it, it greets you ‘Happy Birthday Subrato!’

Happy Birthday Google Doodle
[Happy Birthday Google Doodle]

Twitter Remembers your Birthday

Twitter Profile Page on Birthday

On your birthday, Twitter celebrates with animated balloons on your profile page.

Twitter Profile Page with Animated Balloons
[Twitter Profile Page with Animated Balloons]

Happy Birthday Cake Pic

Make an awesome Birthday Cake with any name in few seconds with an online birthday cake generator, and download the pic to share on the social media.

Happy Birthday Cake
Roses Heart Birthday Cake
Little Hearts Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Chocolate Cake

Keep Calm and Posters Generator

Make a Birthday Poster with any name in seconds with calm poster maker on the internet, and download the pic to share on the social media.

Birthday Poster Pics Online
[Birthday Poster Pics Online]

How Google Search, Facebook and Twitter remember your birthday? Very simple! If you added your birthday on your profile, you would be greeted by them on your big day. I am sure, you know pretty well to edit your profiles on these popular social media sites. If you have any doubt, you may mention in the comments, and I would guide you to my best ability.

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Happy Birthday Greetings!
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