How to Check PAN Card Validity Status

Three easy steps to find out whether your PAN number is active or deactivated.

How to Check PAN Card Validity Status

Law & Matrimony — PAN Card Validity

The Government of India has deactivated more than11.44 lakh PAN (Permanent Account Number) cards as of July 27, 2017 mostly because of duplication or fake PAN numbers.

PAN is the key identifier of taxable entity and aggregator of all financial transactions undertaken by one person.

One PAN for one person is the guiding principle for allotment of PAN. A penalty of Rs.10,000 is liable to be imposed under section 272B of the Income Tax Act, 1961 for having more than one PAN.

For people like web designers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and others PAN is must to open PayPal account or to receive payments directly to their Bank Account via NEFT. You must have a PAN even if you are not an Income Tax Payee.

Check Whether Your PAN Number is Active

The Income Tax Department’s e-filing website can help you check PAN card validity status in a matter of minutes.

There are just three steps to see whether your PAN number is still valid:

Step 1: E-Filing Website

Step 2: Know Your PAN
Under Services on the left sidebar of home page, click on the Know Your Pan option.

Sidebar Services Menu - Know Your PAN
Sidebar Services Menu – Know Your PAN

Step 3: Fill in Form
Fill in the form that opens up, and press the button – Submit.

Fill in Form - Know Your PAN
Fill in Form – Know Your PAN

The system will send you an OTP (one-time password) on your mobile. Please provide the PIN sent to your Mobile Number, and press the button – Validate.

Provide PIN - Know Your PAN
Provide PIN – Know Your PAN

If your PAN card is valid, you would receive your PAN details with Remarks – Active:

PAN Details - Know Your PAN
PAN Details – Know Your PAN
If you have multiple PAN numbers registered with your details, a notice will come up suggesting, ‘There are multiple records for this query. Please provide additional information.’ You will be directed to a new page to notify about the validity of the PAN card.

How to Link Aadhaar with PAN Card Online

The government had already made the linking of PAN card with UIDAI-linked Aadhaar compulsory for filing income tax returns. Effective from July 1, 2017 the government had also made Aadhaar a pre-requisite to get a PAN card.

Aadhaar-PAN Linking
Aadhaar linking with PAN made simple.

Aadhaar linking with PAN made simple
Aadhaar linking with PAN made simple

The Linking of PAN with Aadhaar should be done by August 31, 2017 as per IT Department update.

News & Updates:
CBDT has extended the due date for filing Income Tax Returns from 31st July 2017 to 5th August 2017. The Linking of PAN with Aadhaar can be done subsequently but anytime before 31st August 2017.

Link Aadhaar
Under Services on the left sidebar of home page, click on the Link Aadhaar New! option. Fill in the form, and press the button – Link Aadhaar.

Link PAN with Aadhaar
Link PAN with Aadhaar

You would get the confirmation: Aadhaar-PAN linking is completed successfully.

Aadhaar-PAN Linking Successful
Aadhaar-PAN Linking Successful
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India — Law & Matrimony

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India — Law & Matrimony

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