Indian Festival of Karva Chauth 2017

Celebrating on this auspicious day the holy union of a wife and husband.

Indian Festival of Karva Chauth 2017

India — Festivals

Festival of Karva Chauth — Nirjala Vrat

India is full of festivals and rituals. Karva Chauth is a one-day sacred festival celebrated by Hindu  married women mainly in northern India, in which they observe a nirjala vrat (fast without food and water) for the whole day until they sight the moon for the long life and immense prosperity of their husbands. Sometimes, unmarried women join the fast for their fiances or desired husbands.

This day holds special significance as the married women observe this day for the safety and well being of their husbands. Since Karva Chauth is celebrated primarily by women, men are excluded from the festival’s observances until moonrise, though they are expected to demonstrate attention and concern for their fasting wives.

The festival falls on the Krishna Paksha Chaturthi (fourth day after the full moon), in the month of Kartik according to the traditional Hindu calendar. Karva Chauth 2017 is celebrated on October 8.

A woman looks through a sieve first looking at the rising moon offering prayers and then at her husband, and breaks the fast. Women offer water to the moon, known as Argha, as a part of their prayer by holding a sieve in another hand.

Karva Chauth — October 8, 2017

Indian Festival of Karva Chauth 2017
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Karva Chauth Sargi and Feast

Most women, especially Punjabis, receive Sargi from their mother-in-law. The mother-in-law presents an important traditional pre-dawn meal of sweetmeats and savouries as Sargi, prepared by her for daughter-in-law to bless her on this special day. The Sargi which is savoured before sunrise on the day of Karwa Chauth, mostly comprises of mathri, mithai, kaju-kishmish or dry fruits and other foods. On the other hand, after breaking the fast, women enjoy a scrumptious feast along with their families. The meal consists of delicious dishes such as rice kheer, chhole- puri, chaat, dahi bhalla, pulao and other delicacies.

Karva Chauth Sargi and Feast

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Blessed Karva Chauth

May the Sindur, testify your prayers for your husband’s long life. The Mangal Sutra reminds you of the promises that binds you. And the color of the Mehndi prove the depth of your love.

Blessed Karva Chauth 2017
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After four days of Karva Chauth, Ahoi Ashtami Vrat is observed for the wellbeing of sons.

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Indian Festival of Karva Chauth
Hope this auspicious day makes the bonding stronger.
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India — Festivals

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India — Festivals

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