Leap Day Memes and Ecards

A collection of my favourite leap day memes and ecards

Leap Day 2012

Blogging – Leap Day 2012

February 29, 2012 is special… It’s Happy Leap Day! Leap Day is a once-every-four-years date, and also an extra day for everyone.

Yesterday, I published my first ever Leap Day article as a blogger. But it was not dedicated to leap day.

By the end of the leap day, I made a collection of my favourite Leap Day Memes and Animated Images, and Leap Day eCards that were going round on the social media network and the web.

I would like to share them with you on this blog post. Write your valuable comments and let us know what was your favourite.

Leap Day Memes and Animated Images

Leap Day Meme 1
Leap Day Meme 2
Leap Day Meme 3
Leap Day Meme 4
Leap Day Meme 5

Source: Meme1 to Meme5
Quickmeme.com is a social platform for creating and sharing memes.

Leap Day Meme 6

Source: Meme6
High Expectations Asian Father

Leap Day Animated Image

Source: Frog Year (animated) by Denton

Did You Know?
Sunday on February 29 has occurred only four times since 1900 – in 1920, 1948, 1976 and 2004. The next Leap Day on a Sunday will happen in 2032. It happens every 28 years.

Happy Leap Day Birthday!

Since a Leapling’s birthday comes just once every four years, it is a very special occasion and deserves plenty of fanfare. Digital cards for Leap Day are a convenient and thoughtful way to say happy birthday to someone born on February 29, or to simply celebrate an unusual holiday.

You may have sent eCards for Leap Day to your loved ones to celebrate this once every four years Leap Day occasion! Here are a few eCards I liked:

Leap Day Greetings

Some cute teddy bears, flowers and cakes to wish someone a happy leap day birthday.

Leap Day Greetings

Source: Leap Day Greetings

Leap Day Funny eCard
Leap Day Funny eCard

Source: Funny eCards

Leap Day Frog

Source: Leap Day Frog

Did You Know?
Approximately 187,000 people in the United States have a Leap Day birthday.
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Pay a Blogger Day!
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