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Mother's Day piano improvisation by Fahassani


Weekend Video Post – Piano

People celebrate Mother’s Day in many different ways on many different dates. One of my friends on twitter, Fahassani from Morocco, improvised a piano recital, uploaded the video on YouTube, and dedicated the video to people, family, friends and communities on Mother’s Day.

The modern Mother’s Day is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in May or in March/April, as a day to honour mothers and motherhood. In the UK and Ireland it follows the old traditions of Mothering Sunday, celebrated in March/April.

In most countries including USA and India, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the Second Sunday of May (May 9, 2010). In Morocco and a few other countries it is celebrated on the Last Sunday of May (May 30, 2010). Some countries celebrate the International Women’s Day instead of Mother’s Day.
– From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

On this year’s Mother’s Day on May 9, I received a message from Fahassani, one of my friends on twitter:

@goldenTwine @1Eco_Friendly @VisitThailand1 @Green_Living1 U’r mentioned http://bit.ly/cPoY2u

After I followed the link, and visited YouTube, a pleasant surprise was in store for me. He dedicated his Mother’s Day Piano Improvisation to his friends on twitter with a message: ‘I hope I’ve not forgotten anyone, this is my Mother’s Day Piano Improvisation’. Immediately, I made up my mind that this weekend on May 15, my video blog post would be a token of love to my friend Fahassani.

Mother's Day Video

Brief Life-sketch of Fahassani

Before I present the video, a small introduction about Fahassani and his work:


Name: Ahmed Hassani
Location: Morocco
Website: Fahassani’s Art Blog
Bio: He is a thinker and philosopher. He also works as a part time artist and is popularly known as Fahassani (his artist name) and it stands for – Fatin Ahmed Hassani. He performs 2D, 3D, Impressionism art. He also composes New Age, world, Impressionism music. He is interested in Oud making but that`s only a hobby. And ya! He is A Gamer! He played the good old days adventure games all the way to THE best FPS! In his own words – “I express my mood and what is happening around me through art, expressing by music, painting or also words, all are a strong medium to all people that can feel the inside emotions of an artist and what he or she is willing to say. For me what matters is to share the gifts I have with humanity, as they had shared their gifts with us.”

Fahassani's Art

About the Piano Improvisation Video

“I have seen many people expressing happiness in Mother’s Day, as many of you know, it is every day a Mother’s Day! Whatever we do, it may not be enough to repay the efforts of a single mother, so what about all mothers? Saying “Good Morning” or a kiss to a mother can be a big thing to her, so what if you do something or give a gift to a mother and all mothers, it must be a special person to remember! This humble piano improvisation, it says a story. I had mentioned some people randomly online (some of them I know in person), they represent a family, in each family there is a caring mother, mention one is like mentioning them all.” – Fahassani

Check out the Video

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Weekend Post – Featured Artist
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  2. Fahassani
    | Permalink

    Thank you Mr Subrato Paul for introducing me and also posting my Video into your blog.

    @fatin khwarizmi , Thanks {:-)

    Good day to all.

  3. I was surprised as many of us to see me mentioned on a great work done by Fahassani ! i can say this is the real globalization , all parts of the world are celebrating mothers day through twitter & sharing all together the same strong feeling “motherhood” & a gorgeous piano improvisation ! thanks Fahassani ,
    thanks Subrato Paul for a such nice article!

    • Motherhood makes a woman special. Today, a woman equals man in all spheres of life, but a man would always bow to ‘motherhood.’
      To me every day is a Mother’s Day. My website is named after my mother, and dedicated to my mother – Homage. I have a sticker at my work desk which reads – ‘If mothers were flowers, I’d pick you.’

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