National Nutrition Week 2017

Optimal infant and young child feeding practices for better child health.

National Nutrition Week 2017

India — National Days

Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices

The National Nutrition Week is an annual nutrition event initiated by Food and Nutrition Board, Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India. It is observed throughout the country from 1st to 7th September every year. The main objective to celebrate nutrition week is to raise awareness on the importance of nutrition for health which has an impact on development, productivity, economic growth and ultimately National development.

National Nutrition Week 2017
[National Nutrition Week 2017]

Theme of National Nutrition Week 2017

 Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health 
Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health
[Optimal Infant & Young Child Feeding Practices: Better Child Health]

History of National Nutrition Week

The campaign was first started by the central government in the year 1982 in order to encourage the good health and healthy living through the nutrition education as the malnutrition is the main obstruction to the National Development.

Lactating mothers are greatly encouraged to feed their newborn baby the first milk known as the colostrums and mother milk for 6 months to provide the newborns a great level of immunity and healthy living.

Correct Norms for Infant and Young Child Feeding

Breast Milk is Best for the Baby

  • Start breastfeeding immediately after birth preferably within one hour.
  • Breast feed exclusively until the child is 6 months of age.
  • No other milk, water, sugar, honey needs to be given during first 6 months of life.
  • No infant Milk Substitutes unless medically indicated.

Complimentary Food from 6 Months of Age along with Breast Milk

  • Give mashed family food without spices.
  • Continue breastfeeding till 2 years and beyond.
  • Include mashed fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Give family foods like dalia, khichri, kheer, dhokla, upma, etc.
  • Premixes can be prepared at home using 3 parts of cereal and 1 part of any pulse.
  • Add ghee, oil, butter, sugar or jaggery to make the food energy dense.

GoldenTwine Informatics wishes you a
Happy National Nutrition Week 2017

We pay our best wishes to all mothers on National Nutrition Week.

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India — National Days

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India — National Days

 Khudiram Bose Martyrdom Day 2017
At the time of his hanging, he was 18 years, 8 months and 8 days old.
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