Picture Story of Lonely Lives of Elders

Photographer reveals in tender images dark reality of living with Alzheimer’s.

Picture Story of Lonely Lives of Elders

General Health — Alzheimer’s

Picture Story from National Geographic

Swedish photographer Maja Daniels spent three years working on her project, Into Oblivion, which documents the lives of people with Alzheimer’s in a geriatric hospital in France. She spent years photographing the generational disconnect that leaves older people separated from, and sometimes abandoned by, their younger family.

Maja Daniels images show the day-to-day challenges of forgotten elders, including those who suffer from Alzheimer’s and spend their days often physically isolated to prevent them from wandering.

Tender Images Reveal Life Inside an Alzheimer’s Ward
Picture Story By Alexandra E Petri on National Geographic

While on a tour of a geriatric hospital in France, photographer Maja Daniels came across a locked door with portholes in it. Behind it, someone was trying to get her attention. When she asked, Maja Daniels learned that the door led to a protective unit for the hospital’s Alzheimer’s patients, meant to keep them safe and to keep them from wandering off and getting lost.

A resident peeks through the porthole of the ward’s locked exit
A resident peeks through the porthole of the ward’s locked exit.
Photograph: Maja Daniels; Source: National Geographic

Into Oblivion

Maja Daniels spent three years working on her project, Into Oblivion, which documents life inside a geriatric unit in France.
 Sometimes the hardest things to see are the things that are closest to us 
Maja Daniels
Maja Daniels is the inaugural winner of the Bob and Diane Fund, a $5,000 grant for visual storytelling about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. National Geographic’s Gina Martin started the fund this year and named it in honor of her mother, Diane, who died from Alzheimer’s in 2011, and her father, Robert.

Tender Images Reveal Life inside an Alzheimer’s Ward

Published on October 25, 2017 by New USA.
Tender images reveal life inside an alzheimer’s ward. While on a tour of a geriatric hospital in France,…

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