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Use SEO Site Checkup tool to analyze your site and get recommendations

SEO Site Checkup

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There are many SEO tools out there to help with your rankings on search engines.

SEO Site Checkup tool is one of them that gives you detailed information and tips on all aspects of your site. Just enter your site’s URL and check for HTML page size, HTML compression, site loading speed, visitor breakdown, robots.txt, common keywords, meta tag analyzer and many more!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis Made Easy
SEO Site Checkup can analyze your site and give recommendations so that your site will load faster, rank higher for your search terms, and get more visitors. We look forward to your feedback about the site!
SEO Site Checkup Tool

How to Use the Tool?

Just enter the URL you want analyzed, and this tool will provide easy to understand recommendations so that your site will load faster, rank higher for your search terms, and get more visitors.

It analyzes about 20 different factors like back links, h1 and h2 tag, HTML page size, etc. You may check them all, or select from the pull down menu one that you would like to analyze first.

SEO Site Checkup

View Sample Analysis
They have also provided three sample analysis for:,,
You may check out:
Sample Analysis for

You may request them to Email your results or Download PDF Report.

The report is generated under various sections:

  • Page Summary
  • Page Statistics
    • Page Size (Uncompressed)
    • Page Compression Status
    • Page Caching Check
  • Site Data
    • Site Loading Speed (verified by Amazon Alexa API)
    • Related Links
    • Visitor Breakdown
    • # of Site Backlinks (Verified by Yahoo Search API)
  • Meta Tags
    • Title
    • Description
    • Keywords
    • Content-type
    • Google-site-verification
    • Y_key
    • Copyright
  • Page Notes
    • Most Common Keywords
    • Keyword Usage
    • <h1> Headings Status
    • <h2> Headings Status
    • robots.txt
    • sitemap.xml
    • URL Canonicalization
    • Nested Tables
    • Images Expires Tags
    • Inline Styles
    • Inline Javascript
    • Favicon
  • Objects
    • # of HTTP Requests
    • Images
    • CSS Images
    • Javascript Files
    • Stylesheets
  • Page Objects
    It gives a detailed report on various page objects.
  • Site Security
    • Directory Browsing
    • Libwww-perl Access
    • Server Signature
  • Recommendations
    At the end it provides various recommendations to improve your site SEO.
  • Successful Checks
    It also mentions what all checks are successful for your site.

The report is heavily based on Amazon Alexa API

I am giving you an extract of some of the useful recommendations you may get:

  • Your uncompressed HTML size is over the average web page HTML size of 25kb.
  • You should compress your HTML to reduce your page size and page loading times.
  • It does not appear that you are caching your pages.
  • Your site uses a robots.txt file.
  • Your site has a sitemap.xml file.
  • Your page does not use nested tables.
  • Your site appears to have a favicon.
  • Your site uses javascript files that are all under 50kb.
  • Your site uses small flash files that are all under 50kb.
  • Your site uses image files that are all under 50kb.
  • Your server has disabled directory browsing.
  • Your server signature is off.
  • You may want to use Google’s robots.txt analysis tool to check that you are using valid syntax.
  • You may want to confirm that you’ve submitted your sitemap to Google.
  • Your site likely has canonical URL problems.
  • Your page is using inline styles.
  • You site appears to be using inline javascript in your code.
  • One or more images on your page do not have specified width and height tags.
  • One or more images on your page do not have specified alt tags.
  • Your page has more than 20 http requests, which can slow down page loading.
  • Your server has disabled directory browsing.

Such detailed analysis will help you to optimize your site. Not only that, it also suggests various tools that you may use. I am enlisting a few here:

Consider using a GZIP to compress your HTML.

Google’s robots.txt analysis tool.

Submit your sitemap to Google.

Read more about canonical URL issues.

Improving your website’s security.

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