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Patriotic Feeling on Social Media

Celebrate patriotism by changing your display pictures to Independence Day themes.

Independence Day

Spirit of patriotism is always in our hearts as we love our country. But those on the social media, especially youngsters, are suddenly feeling patriotic as the 68th Independence Day of the nation approaches. In keeping with the annual tradition, they are changing their display pictures to Tricolor or Independence Day themes to celebrate the national day.

Nothing Illegal about Tricolor as Profile Photo Online

There is no violation of the flag code to have the tricolor as profile photo on the social media.

Independence Day

Over the last couple of days, debate rages on social media about how display of Indian national flag as one’s profile photo violates the code of the flag. However, the legal fraternity and the experts of Constitution claim that you need not worry about having the Indian national flag as your profile photo on social media to show your pride and patriotism on the occasion.

Proud to be an Indian

Wear Indian Tricolor on your Facebook / Twitter Profile photo FREE.

Independence Day

India celebrates its 68th Independence Day this Friday on August 15, 2014. As a proud Indian we are already under the spell of the tricolors – saffron, white, and green. Proud to be an Indian, and wear Indian Tricolor on your Facebook / Twitter Profile photo!