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Facebook Cards

5,000 packs of Facebook business cards each day free


Facebook Timeline team have partnered with moo.com to make it easy to print your very own set of custom business cards mirroring the fonts, layout and iconography of the Facebook Timeline Cover Photo.

Facebook Timeline Rollout in New Zealand

Facebook begins official timeline release ten weeks after beta release


Facebook has announced that it has begun rolling out the new Timeline starting December 6, 2011, some 10 weeks after it was first unveiled at the F8 conference in September. But it is rolling out the new feature gradually as they measure speed and other types of performance. They will begin by making it available to people in New Zealand.

Facebook Timeline

Signup for Timeline or use the developer release


The Facebook timeline replaces the current Facebook profile, and is designed to let Facebook users share their whole lives on Facebook. The Facebook Timeline feature rolled out about two months back on September 22, 2011 at the F8 developer event. However, it was not released to the public.

BranchOut Overview Video

The largest professional networking service on Facebook


BranchOut is the leading professional networking service on Facebook. It allows Facebook’s 750 million users to easily create professional profiles to privately display work history, educational accolades, and endorsements to their social network.

Transfer Facebook Friends to Google+

A video introduces how to transfer your Facebook friends to Google+

Google Plus

Adding friends from your social media network like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to Google+ manually is a slow process. The Household Hacker explains in a video how you can transfer all your Facebook friends to Google+ in a few easy steps. The secret to the big transfer lies in Facebook’s partnership with Yahoo!

Facebook Userscript Unfriend Finder

That allows all its users to know who of their friends are unfaithful

Unfriend Finder

The popularity of Facebook is based on friends with whom you share news and views. It may upset you to know that now you have one fewer friend! Facebook doesn’t help you to know who unfriended you. Unfriend Finder is a Facebook userscript that allows all its users to know who of their friends are unfaithful.

Facebook Chat Won’t Support IE6

Facebook chat improvements won’t work on IE6 starting September 15

Facebook Chat

Facebook instant-messaging Chat feature won’t work on Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 browser starting September 15, 2010. Facebook users still using Internet Explorer 6 browser may have to soon upgrade, otherwise they won’t be able to chat on the popular social networking site after September 15.

Identity Theft on Facebook

Economist Amartya Sen's identity been stolen on Facebook


I was amused to read in the morning edition of The Hindustan Times that the noted economist Amartya Sen is a victim of identity theft on the social networking website Facebook. The Newspaper further wrote that “Not only has his identity been stolen, the impostor is contradicting Sen’s political views.”