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Installing WordPress – Part Two

A video tutorial to demonstrate how to setup Wordpress after installation


The second part of the video tutorial that shows how to setup WordPress after it is installed on your server. It includes installing plugins, changing settings and so on.

Installing WordPress – Part One

A video tutorial to demonstrate how to install a Wordpress website


WordPress is a great blogging platform. Here is a video tutorial to demonstrate how to install a WordPress website from scratch using Fantastico. Starting a WordPress website only takes a few minutes. Make your own WordPress website quickly and easily.

How to Create an Author Box

Video tutorial to teach you how to create an author box in WordPress

Author Box

The author box that appears at the end of your online articles briefly introduces the author of the article to its readers and drive them back to your website. The idea behind including the information is that if a reader likes the author’s style of writing and content, he would like to know more about him, and check out more of what he has to offer.