The Healing Music Frequency Project

Have you already experienced Wholetones for yourself?

The Healing Frequency Music Project


The Healing Frequency Music Project

I regularly listen to really beautiful music called Wholetones, The Healing Music Frequency Project, and it’s like nothing you have ever heard before.

The musician, Michael S Tyrrell, is a friend of mine and he released this project last year – after working on it for the past 10+ years. It’s already getting worldwide attention. People are sharing testimonials of how the music is relieving them of stress, helping insomniacs sleep through the night, turning ADHD kids into well-behaved A-students, and calming veterans with PTSD.

Michael S Tyrrell
[Renowned musician, author, and speaker Michael S Tyrrell]

For me, it has helped me focus on my work and be much more productive. It’s very soothing, relaxing, and peaceful.

Wholetones consists of 7 songs each 22 minutes and 22 seconds in length. Each song is recorded in a different frequency that experts say are healing frequencies. The first song, Open Door, is recorded in 396Hz, and I swear… when I listen to it, I can hear a choir of angels, beginning at the 7-minute mark.

Wholetones — Sound of Healing

The Healing Frequency Music Project

The Healing Frequency Music Project

Michael wants you to listen to this music for free, so he’s released 10 minutes of free samples that you can listen to at anytime you’d like. This music is so good, one young lady who had rheumatoid arthritis said she fell asleep at her computer listening to the samples… and when she woke up, her pain was gone!

Everyone I know has some level of stress in their life, so this music is for everybody. It promotes tangible healing on emotional, spiritual, relational and physical levels. You seriously just need to listen to it and find out what I am talking about.

You can listen to the samples, but I also highly recommend you get your own copy of Wholetones so you can enjoy all 156 minutes of this beautiful music whenever you’d like.

The best part about it is you don’t need to take any pills, or make any difficult lifestyle changes to experience positive transformation… just listen to the beautiful music of Wholetones!

You will be so glad you did. Also, please recommend this blog post to friends or family members who could use a little more peace and healing in their life.

What has been causing you the most stress lately? Today you can let the beautiful music of Wholetones bring peace and healing to your life.

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Wholetones Christmas Album – Healing Holiday Music
No home should be without Wholetones Christmas songs this holiday season.
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Online Shopping — Wholetones

Music is the universal language of mankind.

Wholetones, Inc. is the world leader in healing frequency music-based entertainment, distributing recorded music, merchandise, and audiovisual content across the globe. Featuring the inspired instrumentals of award winning artist Michael S Tyrrell, Wholetones is committed to fostering peace, joy, and well-being through musical innovation and fresh experiences for fans.

Visit our website to learn more about Wholetones

Online Shopping — Wholetones

 Wholetones Christmas Album – Healing Holiday Music
No home should be without Wholetones Christmas songs this holiday season.
 Wholetones Christmas Album
The CD contains 7 of the most beloved Christmas carols.
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