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TweetLevel is a nifty tool to measure influence on Twitter created by Jonny Bentwood (@JonnyBentwood) and Aex Parish (@alexparish) at Edelman.

Unlike other social media analytics tools that measure influence across multiple and very different social media platforms, TweetLevel only analyzes Twitter. However, it delivers unprecedented Twitter intelligence in a more visual and user-friendly way, actionable insight you need to engage in Twitter most effectively.

TweetLevel returns four measurements, amalgamating them into an overall score. The four measurements are:

  • Influence
  • Popularity
  • Engagement
  • Trust

TweetLevel Scores

The product can be used at two levels:

  • Individual, and
  • Topic Search

In this article, we will mainly evaluate Individual Analytics.

Individual Analytics

Influencer Type
There are different types of influencers. Some are important because they are popular, some because they link conversations together.
TweetLevel puts them into the following influence type:

  • Idea Starters
    this small collective of people are the creative brains behind many of the thoughts and ideas that other people talk about.
  • Amplifiers
    these people frequently have a large audience and following. Their expertise may be deep but often they rely upon other contacts to provide opinion to which they then let their readership know about. They often have professional or commercial motivations such as journalists or analysts but are also more often than not self-created experts and avid sharers of information.
  • Curators
    this group though having a far smaller audience are perhaps one of the most influential groups. Long after the idea starter and amplifier have left a conversation, it is the curator that maintains discussion.
  • Commentators
    these people individually have little influence. Their behaviour often resembles little more than adding a comment without contributing greatly to the conversation.
  • Viewers
    In the conversation this invisible group who we call viewers don’t leave a foot print except through Google. Indeed it is through Google, and the impact of viewers on search results, that these other groups become influential and evolve their role within a conversation.

Influencer Type

In the second segment, the tool gives you insight into:

Word Cloud
Understand the most used keywords used by the user, displayed as a word cloud.

Graphically shows number of tweets by the user per day.

Time of Tweets
Graphically shows what time of the day the user engages on twitter.

Time of Tweets

In the third segment, the tool gives you insight into:

Quick Stats
At a glance quick stats showing Engagement – number of updates and replies; Demand – number of listed and following; and Reach – number of followers, total retweets and total mentions.

Influential Retweeters
It shows some of the retweeters, what they retweeted, and how many followers do they have.
Some of the Influential Retweeters mentioned on this article are: @krishenka, @gtpintado, @massagedocmi, @onijoseph, @samranwarsi

Thank You!
My sincere thanks to friends on Twitter who followback, engage in conversation, reply, mention, RT, and list.

Influential Retweeters

Recent Tweets
Ten of the latest tweets of the user.

In the next segment, it explains various influencer types, what do the different categories mean? I have briefly explained them already.

In the last segment, TweetLevel analyses your scores, and gives you valuable suggestions. The four scores revealed go beyond influence, also revealing popularity, engagement and trust.

This is briefly how my twitter scores are analyzed by TweetLevel:

  • Influence score
    You are a Twitter superstar. In your segment, you have a huge number of followers who find what you are saying interesting.
  • Popularity score
    Your popularity score is excellent but can easily get better. This number is solely based on how many followers you have. Many Twitter measurement tools purely rank people according to this metric, however just because someone is popular doesn’t mean they are influential.
  • Engagement score
    Your engagement score is OK but could be better. You understand that even though influence is important, to many people how you engage is what counts.
  • Trust score
    Your trust score is super but there are still a few things you can do to reach the top rank.

My tweetlevel influence type is Amplifier with a score of 80.8 as shown on the first screenshot on this article. What about you?

To try TweetLevel
and if you want to add a dynamic badge on your blog or website, click below:
Check a TweetLevel

Topic Analytics

  • Analyse and compare buzz
    How much are people tweeting about a certain topic compared to others. Analyse results from the past 30 days or deep dive to find out what happened in any specific time period.
  • Search by date/language/topic/link
    You can now specify results only on the language you want, a specific topic, hashtag, link or phrase.
  • Most influential tweeters by topic
    TweetLevel identifies which people are the most relevant about a subject and then calculates their influence score and influence type.
  • Understand Share of Voice and Shared Web Links
    This tool will also find out who are the top 100 most influential Twitter users (by share of voice) talking about a certain topic, and which web links are shared the most frequently.

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TweetLevel is a nifty measurement tool created by @JonnyBentwood at #Edelman. Support and musings on social media measurement provided by @jacqui_fleming.
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  1. chrissie
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    Interesting article Paul, so I am an Idea Starter then with a tweetLevel of 76.6 🙂 Thank you for the link

    • Great! You may explore further like advanced search for a topic, hashtag, etc.

  2. If anyone gives tweetlevel a try, please share your thoughts on this blog post.

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