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ECommerce Website Design solution is custom ecommerce web store designed to represent your business online at a price of only $800 to $2500.
Alternatively, we help you create your own online shop with eCommerce builders like Shopify at low project cost.

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eCommerce Custom Web Design Solution — eCommerce Custom Package (ECP)

Build an Ecommerce Custom Website (eCommerce Custom Package - ECP)

Sell online with an eCommerce custom website

eCommerce Custom package includes a custom ecommerce web store designed to represent your business. You can add, remove and update your own products with an admin panel.

NO Template based designs, you always get custom designs.

eCommerce Shopify Store Solution — eCommerce Builder Package (EBP)

Build an Ecommerce Shopify Store (eCommerce Builder Package - EBP)

Use eCommerce builder Shopify to design a secure and beautiful web store customized to your brand and sell online. Shopify gives you a fully hosted ecommerce website.

  • Easy to use online store builder
  • Fully customizable store design
  • Trusted by 175,000 online merchants

Need help to get your store up and running? You have come to the right place.
Creating an eCommerce store without adequate technical knowledge can be daunting. As an expert with Shopify knowledge we extend you support with our eCommerce Builder Package (EBP). We design and develop a Shopify store for a client for a nominal project fee.
How can we help?

  • Set Up your Online Store
  • Make small changes to store design
  • Custom theme design for store
  • Add functionality to store

eCommerce Builder Package (EBP) is to setup your own online shop with the most popular eCommerce builder Shopify at an amazing project cost of only $125 to $200 USD.
As an expert with Shopify knowledge and experience we will basically build your store from scratch (such as getting your products inserted into the site, your shopping cart set up, taxes and shipping configured) and launch your store. The set up price starts at $125 USD.

Shopify Ecommerce

Project Cost:

Starts at $125 USD (much lower than what most Shopify experts charge) and include,

  • Basic design esthetic using current logo (or typeface company name)
  • Choose store‚Äôs design, Customize theme or Create your own (at additional cost)
  • Home page slideshow and featured products
  • Layout and styling of product and content pages
  • Custom checkout pages to match your site
  • Integration with current email marketing service
  • Social media integration
  • Use your own domain from any provider
  • Set up your shipping, taxes, payment and account admin
  • Set-up of blog/news feature
  • Responsive layout (looks great on desktop + mobile)
  • Cross browser testing

Project Service:

  • Unlimited email consultation until launch
  • One month of reasonable editing, adding products and copy on your behalf.
  • After one month, you may enter into 'Store Maintenance Contract' or seek assistance for a fee as and when needed.

Additional Cost:

  • Custom HTML customer emails (Shopify comes with standard emails, but we can make them real pretty)
  • Photo Galleries
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Colour swatches - great for clothing shops
  • MailChimp set-up
  • Customized forms to collect unique info

Ongoing Costs (per month):

  • Shopify has a monthly hosting fee that starts at $29 USD
  • Have a retail store? All you need now is the Shopify POS which will tie your online and offline sales together seamlessly.

We are registered as Shopify Partner. We consider Shopify the most user friendly shopping cart system available. We are an expert with Shopify knowledge.

Get Started with a Professional Shopify Theme by GoldenTwine Creative

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