GoldenTwine Creative — Small Business Website Design

GoldenTwine Creative offers small business that need an online presence, as well as personal sites or informational sites, a special website design package at an amazing price of only USD 125 to USD 200. We also recommend reliable and reputed third party services like domain name registration, web hosting to help you establish and improve your business online.

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Small Business Web Design Solution — Small Business Package at an Amazing Price!

Get a Great Looking Website in 3 Steps - Pick a Design Theme, Personalize it, and Publish!

Do you have a small business? Or are you thinking about starting one? Promote your business online with your own website. Attract new customers with a great looking site. If you have been waiting to start your site, trust GoldenTwine Creative to design your website. We provide services for everything you'll need to promote your business on the net.

NO Template based designs, you always get custom designs.

GoldenTwine Creative — Small Business Web Design Package

Small Business Web Design

  • Up to 5 Web pages
  • Online contact form with 3 fields - name, email, message
  • Layout selection from 8 themes
  • No animation
  • Two coordination steps for changes
  • Two minor sets of revisions
  • Client provides content text, artwork and photos
  • Upload site to server

Get a professionally designed custom five-page website ideal for small business that needs an online presence, and personal or informational sites at an amazing price of USD 125 to 200 only.

Small Business Package

Design Fee: USD 125 to 200

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Design Package

USD 125 to USD 200
  • Web Design by Us

    Why get your website designed by us?

    We neither use any website builder software nor any template. So, no two websites designed by us would look alike.

    We give you high-quality, hand-coded, cross-browser compatible W3C Valid XHTML or HTML5 / CSS3 markup!

  • Web Design Add-Ons Read more »

    Add exciting new features and enhance existing features on your website with our add-ons like sliders, galleries, carousels, splash pages, CSS3 buttons at very nominal costs.

    They could be added to any design package for ongoing design projects or on your existing websites even if not designed by us.

    We have published many demos for you to checkout. We will change their look to fit into your website.

  • Web Design Delivery

    We work eight hours a day. Client must provide content text, artwork and photos within 7 days of making payment.

    Turn around time on website design projects depends on client cooperation.

    When we prepare your web site design free quote, we will give you a time frame to complete your project.

    Standard delivery time is up to 24 to 40 work hours for the first page of the order, after the receipt of all contents from client. Depending on the complexity, each secondary page may take 12 to 36 work-hours.

  • Web Design Maintenance

    We upload your site to server on completion of web design. We give you 30 days to evaluate your newly designed site, and get free edit for any errors or bugs.

    After 30 days, you are on your own unless you enter a yearly maintenance contract with us. We may maintain your website as long as you desire at a very nominal cost.

    We charge one-time set up fee of $25 to $50 depending upon your design package. Maintenance charges per month is very nominal. The best thing is that you may update your website a minimum of 3 times a year to avoid lapsing of your set up fee.

GoldenTwine Creative — Small Business Package Cost and Features

Small Business Package:
SBP Basic:
SBP Intermediate:
SBP Advanced:
SBP Featured:

USD US Dollar 125 (INR Indian Rupee 7,750/-)
USD US Dollar 150 (INR Indian Rupee 9,250/-)
USD US Dollar 175 (INR Indian Rupee 10,800/-)
USD US Dollar 200 (INR Indian Rupee 12,350/-)

Indian residents may pay by:
1) ICICI Bank: You need to deposit Cash/Cheque for quoted amount in your nearest ICICI Bank in our company's account:
Account No.: We will let you know
In Favour of: We will let you know
2) Net Banking: ( HDFC Bank / ICICI Bank / Citibank / Axis iConnect / Global Trust ibank / Centurion Bank)

Cost includes the following:
— W3C Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional or HTML5 Table-less* CSS3 markup. Compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari with W3C Valid Shorthand and Optimized CSS3.
*Please note that we do use tables if needed for tabular data.
— Up to 5-page site, Fixed Width Layout, Centred Horizontal Alignment.

Additional Cost for the following:
Secondary Pages: $25 (Rs.1500) per page. Each secondary page beyond 10 is discounted by 50%.
Flexible Width Layout (Liquid Layout): If you want your layout to be resized based on browser width. This may increase the time needed to complete your order.
Header/Footer Stretch: If you want your header or footer to be resized based on the browser width.
Implement Dynamic Menus: If you want us to implement a dynamic menu with CSS like One-Level or Multi-Level Drop-Down Menu.
Multiple Forms: If you want additional fields or additional forms.
Add-Ons: If you want add-ons like slider, galleries, etc.

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