GoldenTwine Creative — Web Design Add-Ons – Sliders, Galleries, Splash Pages, CSS3 Buttons

Add exciting new features and enhance existing features on your website with our add-ons.

We offer add-ons like sliders, galleries, carousels, splash and squeeze pages, CSS3 buttons, etc at very nominal costs.

These add-ons could be added to any design package for ongoing design projects. We offer them independently on your existing websites even if not designed by us.

We have published many demo add-ons for you to find out if any one of them or similar add-ons suit your website's needs. We will change their look to fit into your website.

Demo Sliders:

Slider — Website Intro 1 (Replace Flash Intro with jQuery)
Slider — Website Intro 2 (Fading JavaScript Slideshow – TinyFader)
Slider — sliderAnything (Responsive jQuery Slider Plugin)
Slider — Orbit (jQuery Image Slider)
Slider — sliderMan ()
Slider — sliderNivo ()
Slider — Featured Content with Thumb Image Navigation
Slider — Featured Content with Text Navigation
Slider — Featured Content with Pagination
Slider Accordion
Slider Accordion — Example 6
Slider Carousel — Automatic Infinite
Slider — Animated One by One Using jQuery and Animate (CSS)  [ See in Action ]
Slider — SlideDeck

Demo Galleries:

Hoverbox Image Gallery

Demo CSS3 Buttons:

CSS3 Buttons

Demo Splash and Squeeze Pages:

Splash Page — No Pin
Splash Page — GoldenTwine Creative
Splash Page — GoldenTwine Shopping

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