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Follow Friday helps you to endorse your friends on Fridays

Follow Friday

Twitter Applications – Follow Friday

Ever since the brilliant idea of #FollowFriday came upon Micah Baldwin, it has become a tradition to endorse your friends every Friday. But if you have thousands of followers you will have to select a handful of them every Friday and mention them in your #FollowFriday endorsements.

Like many others, I prepare a manual list every week (from Friday through Thursday) on the basis of tweeples who:

  • engaged in conversation with me,
  • recommended me,
  • mentioned me,
  • RT’ed me,
  • favorited me,
  • listed me,
  • wrote comments on my blog posts,
  • shared, retweeted or promoted my website and/or blog.

I am grateful to them for their kind gestures, and #FollowFriday gives me an opportunity to say thank you.

But if you are tired of manually maintaining a list and inputting names for #FollowFriday tweets, the good news is there are twitter applications that would do the same for you.

The Twitter Tag Project’s Follow Friday is one such twitter application.

How it Works

  1. Type in your twitter username.
  2. The engine will scan the last 200 tweets, count the dups, and return your most active friends.
  3. The results will display:

    #FollowFriday @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 @friend4…

Try it Out – Follow Friday Results

I visited the site, typed in my Twitter Username, and got the following results that I am fully satisfied with:

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @goldenTwine @KarlDetkenProDJ @mssharon920 @EstherHawdon @AdailSoares @hrkeyfunctions

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @jenuinehealing @Fahassani @KeSimpulan @BethLayne @oooooozoooooone @ToddWeissCFA

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @Eyebetwitty @sarahblo @Lucifer4u @viikassood @Poet_Carl_Watts @medical91

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @BabyJ954 @citydogs101 @EduardoCBraga @debtfreeguy @Walking1974 @twitterdads

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @bethowen_am @raopal @blakki @helenyg @portaltexbr @blissful1970

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @imbieberrific @wanderwos @CharlieSlang @definitelydiane @RobsessedWorld @FarrukhSiddiqui

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @joeyboyblue @MartinGarza @SmartHome24 @PhiCar @JavaJoeMyspace @RosehrMarketing

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @sacca @NychollasDavi @PippinPotter11 @YourMoneyWizard @michaeljmazzoni

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @MrMilestone @mllyssa @affiliantes @all3rgict0y0u @gr8_arshad @fabinhoadrena

[tweet this] #FollowFriday @luv_top10 @rguimaslima @brunolovesbrit

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  1. Hey Subrato, Can I just say I love your blog, it looks great and really useful info. This particular post was really helpful, in fact the twitter FF tool is now bookmarked – it will save a lot of time. Thanks!

    • Thanks, I have written yet another article on the same topic. Please, read it –
      Automated FollowFriday Recommendations
      and then decide which application you would prefer to use. The choice is yours, I am only giving you more options.
      Please, also register with Twitter Widget (right sidebar), another way to gain more followers.

  2. Thanks for sharing this ! I just tried it out and found it to be quite accurate which makes it useful !

    I hate not being able to give proper shout outs on #FF as I have so many bloggers & tweeters that I enjoy

    This just makes my life easy 🙂 thanks !

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Next Friday, I am going to share another similar application. Please, keep visiting my blog.

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